2004 Seat Alhambra SE 1.9TDI 130 from UK and Ireland


Great for every kind of journey - a true MPV


Nothing has yet gone wrong with this car!

On my previous Alhambra there were a number of minor faults which were repaired without fuss under warranty.

The same applied to the air conditioning condenser on the previous car (note that this has been a general fault lately with a lot of VW group cars including Audi's).

Otherwise it was a very reliable and satisfactory car.

General Comments:

My previous Alhambra was a TDI 115 which I had for two and a half years and drove for 40,000 miles.

Having previously driven Audi's, I had to be won over by the SEAT badge, but I have to admit being very pleased with the Alhambra.

Having weighed up the VW Sharan & Ford Galaxy as options it made eminent sense to go for the same car with a higher specification and lower price - even though the SEAT marque is not as well known.

It was a decision which I feel very glad I made. Nowadays all VW cars come with an excellent build quality and good reliability. The Alhambra is no exception. The warranty appears to be as good as my in the VW group (provided the car is properly maintained).

It appears from other comments on SEAT that dealer service is variable. All I can say is that the dealers that I used (Francis of Leicester and Willoughby of Nottingham) have been first rate.

This was the most useful vehicle that I had ever driven. With the drive of a saloon car and more useable space than the most generous estate car.

So what about my current car. When the lease on the TDI 115 finished I decided to change to a TDI 130. The already good Alhambra TDI just got better.

Now with an even gutsier diesel engine this car is now even more pleasure to drive. The new unit seems also smoother and quieter than the old one.

Mpg is still not bad for a big vehicle and (at the moment) VW lease rates appear failry favourable.

No, I don't work for SEAT, but I think that the Alhambra is a very under-estimated car.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2004

30th Jul 2004, 13:50

Last Sunday, SMC Exeter invited Seat owners to have a look at and test drive the new Altea. I did so and was well pleased.

Towards the end of the afternoon I also test drove a Seat Alhambra which happened to be the 1.9 litre 130 bhp version. I truly was absolutely amazed at how well it handled and indeed it had an amazing performance for such a large vehicle. I would highly recommend the 130 bhp version and I feel that SMC in Exeter deserve the credit for arranging such a meeting at West Point. They have always been very good to me.