16th Apr 2005, 01:15

My seat alhambra has also had many electrical problems. These include the key fob not working, the battery needing to be replaced, and now the alarm goes off if someone breathes on the car, but not when someone prised the badge off the rear of the car. Dash clocks have also played up as do the interior lights and the heated seats do not work.

Apart from that it's a great car. ha ha.

20th Oct 2005, 11:49

Similar Problems. New Alternator, Air-Con packed in, Drivers Window Mechanism failed, Dashboard lights blown, Interior clock display faulty, knocking from under car,... I too thought I was purchasing a reliable car to carry the kids around in!!

3rd Dec 2005, 19:19

Easy answer, poor quality car and even poor quality dealers in lancashire.

17th Jun 2006, 05:34

I am going to buy either a Seat Alhambra, Hyundai Trajet or a Ford Galaxy. Someone please help me decide...

After reading the different comments about these, I don't know what to pick? Was it just bad luck for some getting a bogey car or what? I have 3 kids and 2 dogs, so deffo need a 7 seater. Someone please help. I am looking at 2001 and 2002s.

Sinead Dublin.

4th Jul 2006, 08:36

We have owned a SEAT Alhambra 1.9tdi for the past few years, and have been plagued with a recurring problem with what appears to be leaking turbo, and a faulty computer to gearbox transmission.

We have had to have the driver's side window mechanism completely changed.

We purchased the vehicle brand new from a dealer at that time - however the dealership has been sold, and new owner has given up the SEAT backing.

There is no one here to service or trouble shoot our vehicle locally, and we have been told by SEAT that we are to take it to the nearest Island that has one.

Is that acceptable?

I have made a vinyl sticker stating not to ever buy SEAT because they are not good vehicles. And I plan on driving around the entire island with this, and park it up on the side of the road where it can be seen!

29th Oct 2006, 03:59

Passenger footwell fills with water because the grate under the bonnet fills with leaves and water overflows into car. You have to clear this every 6 months. We replaced our box under seat (about £200) when it first did it and then it did it again a week later. We were then told about this common prob and you have to undo a coat hanger and push it down the sied under the bonnet to clear it out. We then took the box out from under the seat and dried it out ourselves, sprayed with WD40 and put it back. Worked OK for another few years.

9th Mar 2007, 10:28

We have a V Registered SEAT Alhambra 1.9 TDi, apart from needing new batteries every 3 years, and new rear tyres at 18,000 miles... please take your seats for a good ride!

31st Oct 2007, 05:57

We have a much loved Alhambra, 1999 2.0 petrol. It has taken us all over Europe in comfort and has for the first time broken down due to a worn distributor. It now has 227543 miles on, yes that is the correct mileage 227543.

I insist on synthetic oil and when the cam belt is changed every 60k I also have the tensioner changed, gear box oil changed and new plug leads, distributor cap and rotor arm at 100k. This I think is fare less expensive than waiting for then to give up on a wet night with the family in the car.

Drive your car as though you care and it will last. We have no plans to change, but are thinking about having the engine and gear box rebuilt, also the clutch is original. And finally I only use genuine parts although the work is done by my local garage which is more of an old shed.


Brackley, Northants.

20th Jan 2008, 14:29

I bought a SEAT ALHAMBRA 1.9 TDI SE on a 53 plate. Bought it brand new and 45,000 miles later she is going like a dream. The only problem being that it eats rear tyres; they last 8-12k and they are gone. Also the rear anti roll bar bushes wear out in 2 yrs and you get a nasty knocking sound.

17th Jul 2008, 05:22

I have a Alhambra 1.9 TDIs 2001 replaced; rear shocks/coil springs, anti roll bar linkages, battery, air con pipe, all 4 brake discs, all between 41k & 70k.

Gets serviced every year & tyres at 20k (move front to back @ 10k).

Passenger foot well filled up with screen wash fluid, sorted x3 by local seat dealer when car 5 years old.

Informed Seat UK about fault (joint on pipe in foot well, advised design mod. to place joint outside car).

Seat UK very helpful, took their advice & no problems since.

Great secondhand car, 800 miles/tank, £185 comprehensive insurance, best vehicle I've ever had, & that includes 2 brand new cars.

22nd Jul 2009, 04:33

On my 2nd Seat Alhambra, generally love them, but my current one 2001 TDI SE has cost almost £5000 in repairs and maintenance in the last 18 months, not including tyres which I agree, it eats.

Apart from the usual, recurring problems include:

Rear washer.

Disc brakes


But the latest issue has been one of the front plastic grills coming off while doing 60 mph, cracking my windscreen and causing other vehicles to swerve to avoid flying plastic. I`ve been told by a Seat garage that this happens! Anyone else had a similar experience?

BJ Ireland.

2nd Nov 2009, 11:02

We have a 1999 Alhambra TDI SE, from new. 110k thus far.

No issues save the wet footwell problem and sticking wipers 2 months ago.

Wet footwell - 1st time cleared out the debris - about 2 years ago. Now it's happened again and not sure why, but only since the wiper mechanism was re-assembled by a local garage.

The soundproofing was off its grommet and wet, maybe that was blocking the drain, appears not to be the case.

Other possibles - the grill and clips or the windscreen sealant. Apart from this it's been excellent.

Oh, and those speaker covers on the doors - located perfectly for putting your knee through. I've replaced 4 of them.

5th Nov 2009, 07:31

Can anyone help me? I've got a W plate Alhambra 1.9 TDI. Every time it rains, the passenger footwell fills up with water. Sealed the pollen filter housing, cleared the drain holes, sealed the windscreen and it's still leaking. Regards.

7th Dec 2009, 05:01

We bought our 1.9 TDi Seat Alhambra two years ago...

Just reading some of the problems on other comments has reminded me just how much has gone wrong with ours, and how much stuff I have had to replace.

The latest two issue's we have are the front grille flew off much the same as mentioned above...

Also all electrics to the boot lid (tailgate) are now not working, Fog light warning on the dash stays on, and the in car dash lights flicker constantly even when the lights are switched off..

Wow, I must get rid of this thing.

9th Feb 2010, 13:12

Seat Alhambra 2001 (diesel)

One problem after another, jamming gears, loss of power, electrical faults, fault alarm, heating problems, etc. The worst car I have ever owned, and now the sight of it makes me sick now!