1999 Seat Cordoba Vario 1.7 TD from UK and Ireland


Uncomfortable, reliable and incredibly economical


Nothing at all.

Driver's seating very, very uncomfortable.

Noise levels rather high from the engine.

General Comments:

Incredibly economical, last check was 56 (really) mpg.

Honest, very economical four seater if you can take the driver's seat.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2006

21st Feb 2007, 07:32

He's spot on + -flimsy body -heart (vw) of a lion!

1999 Seat Cordoba SX 2.0 16v from UK and Ireland


A true performance bargain


Not a lot, just had to replace the brake discs & pads and exhaust. The car is only 5 years old so it was about due.

General Comments:

Honestly, this car is a true bargain. I paid 3000 pounds for a 2000 (W reg) small coupe with half leather, air-con, alloys & a 2.0 16v engine - you compare that to the 2000 (W reg) golf gti my friend bought without the leather, otherwise same spec for 7500 pounds.

The car is fabulous, it wakes up at 3000 rpm, and I can honestly say it holds it's own on the motorway. I have personally destroyed the following motors on the standing/rolling start in a 'race', in standard guise:

Audi TT (probably not a quattro)

Ford Puma

Golf GTI

Escort GTI.

Don't keep reading this - go and buy one...now!

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Review Date: 1st February, 2006

5th Jun 2006, 06:23

Well, all change with the cordoba - foolishly said not a lot had gone wrong! It now has an intermittent starting problem that neither the AA or my local garage can work out. Still goes well when it does start though!

21st Nov 2006, 06:14

Well. I loved my Cordoba. Now it has been off the road for over 6 months with a problem even my dealer are unable (it seems) to diagnose. My repair bill currently stands at £800+ with no end in sight. It's gonna work out to be something simple I know, which makes this harder to bear. In my opinion, this is a one off, but when you look at the problems with this engine on the forums I would now say steer well clear.

15th Jan 2008, 07:01

Ongoing fault with the car has proven unfixable. Local Seat Dealer unable to fix, after 18 months of help from Seat UK Technical. Soon to be refunded my outlay on parts (£1000+) and the car scrapped or sold as donor for engine transplant.

Do not buy one of these, it has turned out to be a money pit with no residual value.

1999 Seat Cordoba S 1.6 petrol from North America


Cheap and flimsy, but good to drive


Ignition failed when car was 22 days old and had to be replaced.

Stereo chewed up numerous cassettes and had to be replaced after 18 months.

Interior felt like it was made out of sardine tins.

General Comments:

When I bought a 99T Cordoba 1.6 S for £10,000, it was brand new and about £3,000 less than the equivalent Focus or Astra.

I soon realized that it was so cheap because of the low standard of quality.

The interior trim was really flimsy and about as well built as a sardine tin.

The ignition failed 22 days after I bought the car, and was replaced under warranty.

The dealership never provided me with a courtesy car when my own car was being serviced.

But at least the Cordoba had good engine performance and the handling was reasonable.

If I'd known how flimsy and tinny the Cordoba would be, I would have bought a Golf or a Focus because of the difference in quality.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2004

1999 Seat Cordoba S 1.6i 8v from UK and Ireland


Drives as well as it looks



General Comments:

My car looks superb I have made only two modifications to it which I think have made all the difference.

I have added 16 inch 100+ venom alloys and "chrome" side repeaters from the new Golfs or the Leon and as the car is silver it all looks fantastic.

I'm very impressed with the handling and everything about the car.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2002

1999 Seat Cordoba SX 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Absolutely chuffed with my wee rocket, pity about the group 15 insurance and the consumption


Erm... Nothing except a cracked fog light.

General Comments:

What a wee motor, leaves all other 2.0 motors in its dust, my mate has a CRX and he's jealous because we raced a few times and I was right behind him, until he moved over to let me go on, all on a private road you understand!!

Induction kit is in, sounds brilliant, a big roar when you hit about 3k rpm, sounds a bit like a Scooby.

Mr. Seat, if you're reading this, please make a road 4wd version with this engine and possibly a wee turbo too!!

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Review Date: 7th June, 2001

23rd Jun 2001, 08:52

Beware! I purchased my Seat Cordoba S in April 1999 for about £9900. The same dealer just over 2 years later has only offered £3900. It has only done 23000 miles has alloy wheels and is in good condition. I've now returned to Citroen!!


13th Jul 2002, 07:37

Got a Seat Cordoba SX TDI (110 hp)

Great acceleration. Especially third gear which runs up to 140 km/h (around 86 mph). Great car, great looks, only the first gear could be a little longer.