2004 Seat Cordoba 1.9 SDI diesel from Slovenia


A beautiful beast


- Brake lights were faulty, because of bad wiring, when a pull handle was installed in the rear of the car.

- Constant fuse breaking.

- Rust appeared in 2009; oh how I hate rust.

- Engine holding rubber started to make a high pitched sound when braking, and other movement like that. This happened at 150000 km.

General Comments:

The best car in its price range. Its price class is there with the Renault Clio, and the Clio seems like a bad dream compared to the Cordoba.

I would recommend it to ladies that don't need problems with their car, and have to do a lot of shopping.

- It's a fine car, but soft. It feels like it's coming apart once you've done over 200000 km with it.

- Interior plastic is so cheap that it even looks cheap to my 10 year old son.

- The Climatronic air conditioning system is to

die for, but we have to thank VW for that awesome piece of gadget.

- A lot of room in the storage back; you could fit a dead body in it.

- It has good cornering abilities.

- Even the SDI standard diesel with no turbo charger can be fast.

- Low visibility, you feel like you're driving in a capsule.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2011

2004 Seat Cordoba SE 130 1.9 Tdi from UK and Ireland


Understated little beastie


Nothing in 2 years.

General Comments:

Had the car a few years now so feel qualified to review it.

I thought I would miss my Celica, but this car has been great fun and a faithful friend.

I didn't expect reliabity or durability, but I've got it.

Personally I love the looks, I think it's mature and stylish. No rattles or creaks at all even though the suspension is on the firm side, ride quality is great, I love the feeling of safety I get from the way it clings to the road.

I chose the Cordoba because in my opinion hatchbacks tend to be louder and rattle more, the Ibiza has 45 profile tyres the Cordoba has 55 making it a bit more comfortable drive for my needs.

Inside the dash isn't the most exotic, it looks plasticky, but it really doesn't rattle anywhere, my car is very well screwed together, I had chronic rattles from the dash and hatch and C pillars of my Celica.

Everything works fine after 2 years, air con is great, fine 8 speaker CD player, and nice red lighting to the dials at night too.

The gearbox is accurate and slick, but a bit mechanical, steering is sharp, but could do with a tad more feedback. Not much wind noise, but a fair bit of road noise, I guess that is the low profile tyre and hard suspension combo that causes that.

Paint and exterior fit and finish is great, no complaints there at all, doors shut with a solid thud.

The engine... well this is a light car so it pulls like a train, I cannot imagine many cars can out drag it mid range, not that I'm of that persuasion, but my high revving VVTi Celica would be simply left in a puff of dust. The acceleration is storming, the car is roughly 80kg less than the Skoda Fabia vRS so it's a wee bit quicker than that too.

Simply a great car, looks totally inoffensive, but really hauls ass in comfort whilst returning 55-60 mpg.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2006

30th Apr 2007, 11:02

Informative review, there is one thing though, the Ibiza 130 diesels suffer from tracking problems, yet the Cordoba which is just an Ibiza with a boot does not. Anyone know why this is? Overall I'm a big fan of the Cordoba, it does everything the Ibiza does, but better I reckon, plus it has no boy racer image whatsoever.

2004 Seat Cordoba Signo 1.4 from Portugal


Good value for money


The engine stalled a couple of times. The Seat service replaced the accelerator and engine throttle valve. Now it doesn't stall, but the engine has a lack of power. Feels like driving with the parking brake on. This latest problem has not yet been solved.

The paint is very thin, minor things will cause a big scratch and often bare metal is visible.

General Comments:

For an automatic car, it's very economical and good value for money.

Back seat leg space is for kids only. Though it has quite a big boot.

The dashboard also started to do some squeaking noises, which have been increasing.

Interior fabrics stain with simple rain water.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2006

2004 Seat Cordoba SE 1.9 TDi PD from UK and Ireland


More pulling power than David Beckham


Climate control LCD display faulty

Squeaks and rattles from the dashboard.

General Comments:

Lots of money and ideas went into the exterior styling.

The money ran out when it came to the interior dashboard.

Thankfully they had enough left to put in one of the best engines bar none.

A bit to quick for the cars handling abilities - easy does it.

Would look better still with shiny silvered alloys not matt silver as fitted although this seems to be a Seat thing.

There really should sell these in droves, but they don't and I'm glad for it.

One day VW and Audi drivers will learn what "S" stands for "Seat" AKA style.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2004