2005 Seat Cordoba STYLANCE 1.9TDI from UK and Ireland


Excellent value for money, is a great car


Glove box light always on (Modification Required)

Service spanner on instrument panel wouldn't reset (Cluster changed)

General Comments:

Fuel economy is great giving me 54mpg.

Ride is hard, but gives the car an interesting handling feel.

The car doesn't handle corners well, but is great if you don't mind scrubbing out your tyres.

Rear leg room is far to tight, but the boot is a great size.

Build quality is very good.

The car has great torque and gives the feeling of being very quick.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2006

6th Sep 2007, 06:48

I had the glovebox light problem and just pulled out the bulb.

I was wondering why I had to recharge my battery on several occasions and that was the cause.

26th Feb 2009, 23:08

This car has good handling. Your statements about good handling and bad cornering are pretty much in contradiction.

2005 Seat Cordoba TDi Sport 1.4 tdi from UK and Ireland


Very economical and sporty drive


Stone chips are a fact of life, but on this car the chips have broken the paintwork completely leaving bare steel visible on several areas on bonnet.

Draught noise as if window was open.

General Comments:

Suspension is stiff. if going over ramp at anything over walking speed you will feel like you've shattered your spine.

Very tight for space in back seats.

Great space in boot.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2005

11th Jan 2006, 07:45

I own 1.9Tdi stylance, good value for money, loads of torque for a small car all at 60+mpg.Have had VW and Audi before and SEAT build quality is as good.

Dealer back up not as good as other marks which does let SEAT down, once you find a good one stick with them.

23rd Mar 2009, 07:01

I have had a seat Cordoba for one year.

Since then I have had 3 electrical problems.

The servicing of Seat is really bad. The only good thing I like is that the car is good for driving fast and cornering. The noise when you drive makes you sick.

My opinion.

I love the look of Cordoba, but wish it was not made by Seat.