26th Dec 2006, 15:28

I have a 1.6se Seat Cordoba (1998) - this was bought by myself in June 2006 and I think its one of the best cars I have owned. It is very nippy round the local lanes - we found it a comfortable ride on long journeys. We paid a bargain price for it with full service history. It has just under average mileage. It's a very good looking car in a sporty green colour with spoiler which attracted us to it in the first place having never heard of it before. Very economical too.

Would definitely consider buying another in the future.

20th Sep 2008, 18:38

I live in Romania. I owned before an old Skoda 120 from`79 and after a Dacia 1310 from 89`.Now I have a Seat cordoba SE from 98` and I think is a very reliable car. The only problem I had is the clutch kit what I had to replace. It cost here about 150Euro.Stearing move very easy, the confort is good. Only problem is the clutch what is hard to push. (after the kit change too).

31st Jan 2010, 06:02

I have the 1998 Cordoba 1.4SE, have to say it's a great engine; I have clocked up 100,000 Km on it since 98' and not a single problem with the engine.

I get it fully serviced every year, recently got new bearings and front and rear brakes changed, and it's still running as new.

The only problem is the clutch; I've changed it twice and it's going again. I got a whole new pedal when I got the last clutch kit put in, and it's still very heavy.

Other than that, it's a great car, still running as new.

Oh my steering is not heavy at all; while my car was getting serviced, my mechanic gave me a Focus to drive that has power steering, and it was a lot heavier than my semi power Cordoba.