1994 Seat Ibiza CLX 1.9 diesel from Portugal


Built like a tank, pulls like a tractor, drives like a car



Never broke down. All replaced parts are due to normal wear and tear.

Within the last two years I have replaced:

Brake oil pump - 80€.

Blinker fuse (free and after a 1200km holiday through the countryside).

Suspension struts - 30€.

General Comments:

Built like a tank.

Pulls like a tractor.

Rides like a car.

I have had this car for a long time, and its reliability is nothing short of amazing.

It has been in every possible situation - city, highway, country, off road(ish) - and has never skipped a beat.

I use it has my daily driver and my travel car on holidays (pretty much everything).

I stuff it with gear and it just keeps going (two seater).

I put in about 800/1000 Km a month and am very careful with everyday maintenance. Keep it clean inside, outside and in the engine. Oil and water are never missing.

The only minor complain is that it is a bit noisy, so highway driving and music don't mix very well, but that's not really something to complain about on a 1994 commercial vehicle.

It rides and handles well, but is clearly built for strength not speed. I don't see that as a flaw but as a trait.

When not loaded it can get a bit wobbly at the back, but easily fixed by loading some sports gear.

I drive it in the summer (40°C) and he doesn't complain. I turn it on in the winter and it starts first time, every time.

Other than the normal replacement of parts (happens if you actually use the thing) it never failed.

Timing belt was changed almost 100k ago, so maybe it's time for an overhaul...

My knowledge of cars and mechanics is not great, but I know enough to appreciate what this one has delivered.

When time comes to replace it, those will be some very tough shoes to fill...

Almost 500.000 Km.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2016

1994 Seat Ibiza CLX 1.9 diesel from Portugal


My good friend for 17 years


Oil radiator leaked water into the circuit at 250.000Km.

Coils replaced at 170.000 Km.

Wears a bit, but not too bad for a 17 year old car.

General Comments:

Built like a tank. It handles everything you throw at it.

Had a nice performance when it was new, now it's lost a few HP, but still goes on.

Has a hard suspension, but then again, all VAG cars do.

Cheap to run and to maintain. Me and my other half have one each. Have to replace it soon, but just because it has only 2 seats (in Portugal, commercial cars - with just 2 seats - pay less taxes).

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Review Date: 10th August, 2011

1994 Seat Ibiza CLX 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


A very good reliable car


The fan belt had snapped and cost me £11 (a hell of a job to fit!!).

Battery went flat.

CD player is playing up.

1 of the blowers sometimes works.

Rear bulbs went.

1 small wear in the seat.

General Comments:

My Seat is good from 0 to 30 mph, and from 30 to 60mph, but bad from 0 to 60mph. It drives well and all ways starts on the button.

The clutch is a bit sticky, as well as the brakes.

It's a bit noisy on start up, but very quiet for a 14 year old car with 148,000 miles on the clock!!

I cleaned the engine and I'm going to give it a service soon.

There is rust, but I have treated it.

It handles very well.

The interior could be better.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2008

1994 Seat Ibiza S 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Fun car, excellent value


This car has been very reliable for year. It's all Volkswagen parts; engine, interior and parts.

It's been driven hard, but all was well till recently. The transmission whine, it's louder, and it's had a new clutch and clutch cable at 102000 miles.

After one and a half years of ownership, recently it's needed a new bushes on the suspension and a head gasket needed replacing, as it was leaking from a corner, but the engine is excellent for the mileage. It's to be expected as it's never been changed before. Very reliable.

General Comments:

It is torquey for only 80 bhp in 1.6 engine, but not that quick; 0-60 about 11 seconds.

Handles great. Mine's lowered on Gmax springs and shocks. It did handle bad until bushes were replaced on top on the shocks.

This car is as good as a Volkswagen Polo; same car, but rarer eye catcher. Mine's metallic green, lowered, white Compomotive rally wheels, Lexus lights, looks like a GTI.

Bodywork is poor on early Seats; lots of rust on the sills and door corners, but they're all the same I've read.

I only paid £1000 one and a half years ago; hardly lost any value.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2005