1995 Seat Ibiza Salsa 1.4 CLS from UK and Ireland


I LOVE Seat Ibiza's, they are superbly reliable, low maintenance costs, and quicker than you think


Had a new clutch at about 80000 miles.

New ignition switch at 100000.

Manual window broke at about 101000.

General Comments:

For a 1.4, it is a nippy little car and can hold its own.

Fantastic reliability, has never let me down in the 15 years we have owned it, whatever the weather.

Plenty of space inside the cabin.

Great fuel economy.

Has never had any major problems, and general parts are fairly priced.

Cambelt was due for changing at 60000, but is still going at 104000!!

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Review Date: 25th March, 2010

1995 Seat Ibiza clx 1.4 from Australia and New Zealand


Impossible to drive without smiling :-)


Fuel pump went, however was fixed easily.

Not one other problem! PERIOD.

General Comments:

Mods: Lowered 2imches

Unifliter Air cleaner.

You cannot kill these cars!

This is my mothers car and she picked it herself and drives it daily to work etc. I drive a modified 300zx and cannot help, but take the little Seat out for a fang every chance I can!

Yes the seat is really slow, but the power curve is so linear that it is just the most fun car to drive. Just because its slow don't let this turn you off as you can drive through the gears without totally flouting your licence!

I drive allot of cars in my line of work, but this thing never ceases to put a smile on my face. Did I mention the gearbox?? it is so silky smooth and goes where it should (missing a gear is a rare occasion indeed) that most of the time I change gears with my fingertips.

I have taught so many of my friends to drive in the Seat because of how easy and forgiving it is to drive. For some reason the Seat is nearly stall proof, somehow pulling away no matter how bad the clutch work is!

In closing this is an example of the abuse the little Seat can take. About 2 years ago these incidents happened back to back, my mother way overfilled the oil and oil shout up through the carby leaving plumes of white smoke down the road (who knows how much went through the engine). I cleaned it all up and to this day you wouldn't know it happened. Also about a week later she checked the oil after what happened and topped up a little, and left the oil cap off!!! she then drove the two hour round trip to work emptying every-drop of oil from the engine all into the enginebay, over everything electrical! But the little Seat kept on trucking until it got home. I spent almost a day cleaning and degreasing the engine-bay and like a said before to this day you wouldn't know the car went through such abuse!

I am just so impressed with this car that I felt compelld to write a survey.

P.S Handles like a go-kart, with such good front end turn in it has a tendency to over-steer!! in a tiny front wheel drive! WOOHOO!

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Review Date: 27th March, 2005

1995 Seat Ibiza CLS 1.9 diesel (non turbo) from UK and Ireland


I couldn't ask for any more in a car


Nothing has gone wrong! Honestly, I left the lights on once and the battery went flat, but it's really an amazing car!

General Comments:

I love this car so much! - the diesel engine returns 50+mpg and it's quick - especially for a diesel. It's black and looks quite sporty. It handles very, very well, even on the little 13" wheels and I bought it some alloys. Superb driving fun and comfort at a real budget price.

Love it!

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Review Date: 30th January, 2005

1995 Seat Ibiza GLX 1.6EFI from Malta


Reliable, Sporty, Comfortable, Relatively inexpensive to run


Had to change clutch kit after 2 weeks of purchase. MOT test proved that the car was still in excellent condition yet did not test clutch performance. The clutch kit had to be changed at 68995km.

Head Lamp main switch shorted out at 75400km and needed to be changed entirely which was quite expensive, and could be repaired only through replacement.

General Comments:

Very good car, with reliable ride and good performance.

Very responsive 75bph engine which even though single point fuel injection (bosch monotronic system) delivers very good acceleration and torque when needed.

Shock absorbers are a bit to firm, (that's the comment of many people who get a ride on my car). Yet it is highly responsive and stable both at cruising and changing speeds.

Standard tires have a relatively wide base 185/60 R14 which offer a good base for both wet and dry roads.

Lacks adequate leg space at the back seats especially if you are a tall driver like me! but comfort is not a problem. Semi-bucket seats and headrests for the back and front seats make it a much comfortable and safer car.

Not the best of economical cars. Does 12.5km/L of Unleaded petrol. Which is 56.8Km/Gallon. But again depends on how much the rev. counter goes up and down as in any other car.

Cool interiors with ergonomic handles Also applies for dashboard for a 1995 car. Good Display and dashboard lights light up red at night.

Reliable in all situations, parts are a bit expensive and believe it or not, VW parts which match perfectly are cheaper. It is in fact a bit irritating to see VW logos on engine parts... gives the impression of being a cross breed (in fact it is).

Doesn't Give any problems if serviced regularly, maintained at optimum condition.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2005