2010 Seat Ibiza TSI Cupra 1.4 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


Sporty, cheap to run, good looking


Only problem was a cold start problem. Was very jerky for 30 seconds or so. All sorted with an ECU update on first service.

General Comments:

The car is great. Quick enough to get you in trouble, but very cheap running costs.

One thing that attracted me to the car was the fact it's not all tarty. People in the know, know what it is, but it's not in your face. I have the speed blue, which I think makes it look pretty classy!

DSG box is so easy to use with the option of standard, sport, manual sequential and manual paddles. I always thought I'd never own an auto, but to be honest, now I’m not sure I'd have a manual again.

Suspension is fairly hard, and to be honest cabin noise is quite loud. Make sure you test drive it on a noisy road.

Standard stereo is very good. 6 speaker system and full steering wheel control. Bluetooth on mine was an extra, but I think it's now a standard feature. To be honest, if you have to pay for it, I wouldn’t bother, it's not particularly good!

Seats are really comfortable for long journeys, and just sporty and supportive on spirited drives.

One option I'd definitely recommend getting is the Seat Sport brakes. The standard brakes are fine for normal driving, but fade quite quickly on a spirited drive! I'd definitely get the Sport brakes if tuning was on the list.

So far mine has a Miltek exhaust and stage 1 Revo software. It is running around 215BHP, and is significantly faster than standard. I'd recommend this upgrade to anyone, as it totally transforms the car.

All in all I’m chuffed. And for £16500.00 new, there's not much else I'd really consider, especially with the mileage I do. I don’t hang about, and regularly see 40mpg, which is important with rising fuel prices.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2011

15th Jan 2014, 11:46

Original poster here.

The car is being traded in for a GT86 in April.

It has given me 3 1/2 years (54000 miles) of faultless motoring. Needed nothing doing above the standard SEAT servicing.

There seems to be good and bad. Check oil usage as they do burn it. Mine uses roughly 1L every 4k or 5k miles.

Will be sad to see it go.