2012 Seat Ibiza SE Copa 1.2 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Petrol next time, if there's a next time


The car needed a new rear wiper motor, which was replaced under warranty. There was a bad batch of these, and all VAG group cars were affected.

Rough idle and increased fuel usage diagnosed as being faulty injectors. Replaced under warranty, but still had issues. Finally solved by replacing the EGR valve. I believe that the valve and injectors would have cost over 2000 pounds to replace if not under the manufacturer's warranty.

General Comments:

OK, so I actually blame myself for this one. The actual car is great, well built and reasonably comfortable. The engine though is a real dog. Please take my advice and don't buy a SEAT (or any VAG group brand) with either the 1.2 TDI, or the 4 cylinder 1.6 TDI. They are very economical, but that is negated by the fact they are prone to injector and EGR problems. Add to this that the DPF is so easily blocked, and the fact it goes into regeneration mode at the drop of a hat. I do all A road work as I live in rural Scotland, but even so the DPF struggles to clean itself.

Also the engine sounds horrible (3 cylinder) and is terribly slow. I am not a fast driver at all, but need to constantly change gear just to keep it on the boil, then driven like that it does 55 MPG. A petrol would do high 40s, and cost much less to buy and service.

Free road tax though...

Will try a Hyundai next.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 21st September, 2014