22nd Apr 2008, 14:04

(Original Reviewer Update)

- The car has now done 22000 miles and has recently passed its 20000 mile service with no issues. I have changed the front tyres, the inside edges of which had worn down alarmingly. Replaced with 205/45 ZR 17's (£160 total for 2 tyres), and needed the tracking realigned. At its recent service the garage said inner tread on o/s front was worn (it came off the back o/s when front tyres were replaced), so I'm worried that its wearing away quickly. Only time will tell, I suppose.

- Fuel economy over the 16000 miles I've done in the car is 49.0 mpg.

- There is now a number of rattles coming from the dashboard.

6th Aug 2008, 16:59

I have a 2006 '06 SEAT Ibiza FR TDI... I'm changing it ASAP, but only as it's now 2 years old not because I'm unhappy with it.

I'm on this website looking at reviews for my next car, but thought I'd offer a review while I'm here!! :)

Well in two years of motoring in my FR and 70,000 miles, yes 70,000 miles, I can say overall it's been great... I agree there's always pro's and con's, but overall it's a cracking car and one that punches well above its weight!!

I spec'ed my FR with Xenon headlights with headlight washers (+700), extra side and curtain airbags, so 8 airbags not normal 4 (+300ish) cruise control (+250ish) and it has electic folding and heated wing mirrors... yet I still only paid 12.5K brand new (7 miles on clock) with full UK spec, full UK warranty and me as first keeper... online buying at its best!! :)

In this time, and mileage the following problems have occurred:

1. Headlight washes kept on 'sticking up' at first as they come up out of the front bumper, then squirt the headlights, then go back into the bumper, they didn't go back into the bumper!! It was really annoying but finally fixed with use (it loosens them) and the garage 'shaving' a bit off them each time to make them 'go back in' easier... Fine now (and cool!!)

2. Feels EVERY single bump, pot hole, WHITE LINE, stone, piece of paper, EVERYTHING, it's that bad... The ride is very FIRM and the tires are very low profile, and it is that bad, very very crashy... however the plus side on a smooth road it hangs on very very well indeed, much better at 'fast' corners then the slower one's!! I can do over 70mph around tight motorway slip roads and I've overtaken loads of sports car around the outside of them... but only if dry, rubbish in wet.

3. Eats front tires, esp inside (s)... The tires last bout 10,000 miles front end and more like 30,000 - 40,000 on back end, this is due to the load on the front, ie weight, steering but also cos high torque through the front wheels.

4. Front suspension parts do 'break' or wear out due to 'crashing' on poor surfaces, ie speed bumps whack it, pot holes whack it, it really can't take rough surfaces and it stresses out the low, firm, hard setup.

5. Fuel computer is a joke, I fill up (45litre/10gallon tank) and get around 360-380 miles MAX to a tank, which is during normal driving (this is 36mpg-38mpg if all 10 gallons used) say 9 gallon is used this is still only getting 40mpg - 42.2mpg yet trip computer is like 50+ MPG!! On motorway journeys I can get nearer 400miles say 40mpg full tank used or 44.4mpg if 9 gallon used yet computer says 60+ MPG!!

Yet it will say '25 miles to empty' I can get like 45/50 miles!!






However the pro's have for me outweighed the con's, it hasn't 'let me down' once, it's still on original everything bar front suspension, stuff like original clutch, brake pads and disc's all round, no rattles, etc.

For a diesel, a old ish designed one, it's not too noisy or rattly, but does pull very well in 3rd and 4th, and quite well in 5th and 6th... it's slow off the mark like all diesels, but is surprising fast like 30-70mph...as fast as Subaru's, Focus St's, Golf Gti's, etc... check out the stats if you don't believe it, and trust me, I don't fear racing any (mostly!) cars cross country (on a dry day) if driven well, kept in the (narrow ish) power band it will keep up with loads of faster cars... ha ha diesel power.

Traction control is too intrusive, cutting in way too early as are the ABS, they cut in too early and rob you stopping ability, greasy or wet roundabouts turn it into the understeer show if pushing on a bit, really bad understeer, but then the back end can 'let go' if pushed hard then you let off (let off oversteer).

It looks good, still looks good, kit is good esp with my extras, a bit dated inside to look at... but roomy up front not so good for lads in back... decent visibility.

I would have another, but they've just facelight it and I can't get a 3Dr FR for another 9 ish months...so I'm renting til then!!

Overall I would give it 8/10. TOP CAR

21st Nov 2008, 15:46

I would agree with the man above's comments. I have a 57 plate face lifted FR and have managed 27k in one year.

The built quality is not that great as it is based on the Polo, so is essentially a small car. The interior materials are cheap and plasticy. Far from the quality of my previous mk5 Golf.

However with that said, I'd still rather be driving my Tdi FR on a winding country road (my job is all over Scotland so this is very often). The FR surprises many faster cars, and due to the available power and torque low down in the rev range, is very easy to drive fast on winding roads. Fortunately the handling is spot on, with lots and lots of grip.

This may explain why I had the original Pirelli p6000 tyres at 11000 miles! The 2nd set of Goodyears were replaced 15000 miles later, but they still had 4mm left on them but the side walls had cracked. (Apparently a known problem with these tyres).

I get an average of 48 MPG and I have a "press on" driving style, but genuinely believe you can obtain 60MPG if you take it easy (60 MPH on the motorway). On the financial downside those tyres are expensive and there is a 10k service interval.

All in all a good fun car, cheapish to run, but I've had my time and will be getting a bigger, more comfortable car when this one gets replaced in 2 years.

17th Dec 2012, 16:13

(Original Reviewer Update II)

I still have the car and it's 4 years since I commented. Firstly, thanks to the guys who've added their own experiences. I don't know if you've moved on, but perhaps owning an Ibiza is a 'rite of passage' :-)

Now to the update...and I'll try to be reasonably comprehensive:

* The car has now covered 70,000+ miles.

+ Long term average fuel consumption is 48 MPG. My commute is 2 x 15 mile journeys made in roughly 2 x 25 minute stints, with a little bit of social, domestic and pleasure.

+ It still looks really good when it's been washed, but the back-end gets a bit dirty quite quickly (bring-on the car 'bidet' - sorry folks, couldn't resist that one!)

+ Has never broken down or failed to start. The only issue was a warning light that turned out to be a 'shorted' starter/heater plug. Could've caused a bigger problem, but remedied by local garage by supply + fix of new plugs.

+ Finally - after years of dithering - had the car remapped in September of this year (Jabbasport). No other mods, but for £420 an increase to 173 BHP and 315 ft-lbs torque is quite reasonable! I do boot it frequently, and the clutch/drive-train hasn't disintegrated yet. Now then, what are Darkside-developments up to ;-)

+ BLT stutter no longer noticed by replacing an OEM gasket with a 9 mm drilled out to about 12.5 mm.

+ Still on the first set of brakes (yes they still work! -- I have the car serviced every year.)

+ Currently on 3rd complete set of tyres. P-zeros tramline, the Continental SP-Sport 9000 didn't.

- Headlamps get a bit misty -- I've never seen a cure posted on line, but there must be a straightforward explanation.

- The alloys have a few minor scuffs due to close-kerb parking attempts in the early years of ownership, and there are a few bubbles in the finish of the alloy wheels.

* I've owned the car for more than 6 years, and I've been tempted to change, but nah, not just yet. Maybe when/if I do, I'll keep it as a project car (mid life crisis :-))