28th Jan 2005, 05:58

I have just purchased a seat ibiza 1.9 TDI SXE 5dr, it seems like a very nice car to drive. The only problems I have is 120K on the clock so its time for a new cam belt, not to expensive as some people made out to be, also a service, but what do you expect. I agree with the last comment, wear and tear is the headlight etc. I find the car has a lovely pull on her through 2nd, 3rd and 4th. One thing I do not like is she sounds like a van, but again it's a diesel. If anyone noes where I can find a dump valve for her, please let me no asap. thanks.

9th Nov 2005, 09:17

Can't believe what's written here!

I've got an 1.9D Ibiza since 1998. It has made over 133.000 Km I'm my hands and never let me down! Everything is stock, except for the engine belt that was replaced at 90.000, brake disks, tires, and some lamps.

This is a GREAT car! But as any other, you have to treat him right.

6th Jun 2006, 11:20

Hmm. Some of the above comments are a bit patronising. (can you really not believe what you are reading? Seats, unreliable? never?!) Look, that Ibiza was an absolute disaster zone, (nothing to do with being badly looked after or riding the clutch, but thank you for the suggestions!) and I was very glad to rid myself of it. The Honda is still going strong: can't remember the last time money had to be spent on it. Even - believe it or not - the headlamps still work fine at 110k miles!! Blimey, the seat would be on its third set with that kind of wear and tear! (New headlamps: how am I meant to look after the car in a manner that will extend the life of the headlamp?) Basically, if you resign yourself to accepting new clutches, seatbelts, headlamps every 50k miles, then good luck to you. I don't, however. New brakes, windscreen wipers: that is wear and tear. Think I'll stick to my Honda. It just keeps working.

26th Jul 2006, 04:02

I have a 5 door 1998 Ibiza 1.4 GT 16v, and the only complaint about is about the consumption of gas. It has 126.000 km, and is still riding with the original clutch and brake discs (although these need to be replaced asap). The cam belt was replaced at 95.000 km, and the lambda probe at 115.000 km. The AC was recharged only once.

It pulls very well and is a nice car.

13th Jun 2008, 04:10

It's just as well your Honda doesn't go wrong; the cost of repairs for these cars is on a par with BMW! At least parts are cheap and plentiful for SEAT, as many VW and Skoda parts are interchangeable. I don't think any of the comments here were meant to be patronising, if you leave feedback you must be prepared for replies with differing views.