3rd Jun 2005, 14:03

Just picked up a new Ibiza 1.4 Sport, totally agree with your comments, it's a great car and an absolute bargain compared with the competition! It's also got that X factor that is missing from most superminis. The handling is fab, just could do with a little bit more power from the engine to back up the sporty exhaust note. And some of the trim is a tad flimsy - but certainly not as much as in some rivals (Clio or 206 for example!) Other than that, can't complain at all!

3rd Aug 2005, 12:03

I'd agree with all the points in this review, I'd know as I've just bought a 9month old 1.2 SX 5 door Ibiza at a cracking price and I am sooooo pleased with it! The Ibiza sure has it all, looks, economy and as its basically a VW it should be reliable, the build quality is certainly excellent. If an Ibiza fits into your price range then give them a test drive and I'm sure you'll be won over!

6th Oct 2005, 05:08

Just picked up a brand spanking new Seat Ibiza 1.2 Reference. It is absolutely wicked! What a pleasure to drive!

We could have chosen a Citroen C2 or C3 with all the bells and whistles, but when we tested the Seat Ibiza we realised there was 'something' about it! Someone who commented above mentioned the 'X Factor', and they would be absolutely right!

The engine sounds awesome from within the cabin and when you put your foot down it responds very quickly, obviously it's not a Ferrari, but it is very quick and it's got a nice sporty growl.

It's fun to drive and when it is night time the interior lights up in red, which is very, very smart!

So far, (it's only got about 30 miles on the clock!) there are absolutely no problems and I would definitely recommend a Seat Ibiza to anyone—they're superb! (maybe I should be part of their sales team!!)

2nd Dec 2005, 05:33

I agree with all the comments, I bought a brand new 1.2 SX 3door in emocion red for £8060 in May and it's a great car. I got the mp3 CD player and steering wheel controls added on for £60, what a bargain! It's very quick for a 1.2 and can handle Motorways as easily as city roads. I've been to Cornwall and Scotland in mine and there's been not problems. Factory 0-60 time of 14.9 is well out as I have done it in 11.5 seconds and someone I know had it 'RRd' at 75bhp and according to the figures they are only 64bhp. There's more to the Ibiza than meets the eye!

7th Mar 2006, 17:18

I've been looking and looking for a new car for the past 2 Months.. The only ones that caught my eye were the 'Seat', 'MG-ZR' and a maybe on the 'Bravo'.. but I thought about it, and after a few test drives it all made sense to me.. The Seat, after the first test drive of a 1.2sx I had to buy it!! Well to be honest the price it was on at for an 04 was so cheap and the condition is amazing, I was amazed by all of the interior, the drive, last, but not least. The colour! I got the dark grey one. LOVE IT!

I didn't really get to give it a good test drive, but my dad did.. We both thought it was a little slow on acceleration, but time will tell as I go and pick it up in 5 days time. Can't wait! I had a citreon saxo to start and boy, that was quick off the mark.

I've never been so happy in my life from buying a car! its what I've wanted for so long and could only dream about getting.

Thanks for the extra good comments!

17th Sep 2006, 16:26

Very good review! I bought a Seat Ibiza TDi PD 130 FR yesterday, and am looking forward to picking it up on Tuesday. I've seen a lot of comments that the particular car I've bought can be uncomfortable, but then I heard a lot about that from my current car (Skoda Octavia 2.0) After a lot of problems I had recently with my Skoda, decided to get a Diesel and jump ship!

Reading reviews like does help when you've just spent thousands on a new car!

5th Apr 2007, 17:11

This all looks very promising... I've just upgraded my 2002 Arosa 1.0 to a 2005 Ibiza 1.2SX and will hopefully be picking it up next week all being well... it's in excellent all-round condition, felt amazing on the test drive, and the price was most certainly right... very reasonable for an 05-plate with a slightly below-average mileage. I've consulted several different sources on-line and have hardly heard anything bad about the 1.2SX, so I'll (hopefully) be reporting back fairly soonish with a positive review... watch this space!!

21st Aug 2007, 03:20

I have had a Seat Ibiza Chill (1.4 engine) for a couple of years now, and really like it. The only problem has been that the driver's door window fell down, and to repair it cost the best part of £250. Apparently this is quite common in modern cars - I was told by the garage that they get at least one of these a week (not just Seat, I hasten to say!). The only criticism I have is the lack of interior storage space. The glove box is a joke, and there is no cup holder. Surprisingly there is less space for small items than in my previous Daewoo Matiz! But apart from that it's great. Oh, and being 55 years old I got the garage to remove the word "Chill" from the door - I'm not driving around in a car with the word "Chill" on it!