1999 Seat Toledo SE 1.8 20V from UK and Ireland


Excellent, Audi in a different body


Air conditioning compressor.

Starter motor.

Reverse light switch wiring.

Temp sensor.

Radio jammed.

General Comments:

I have owned my Toledo for nearly 3 years, & I can honestly say I am so not ready to part with it & if I did it would have to be something really special to match.

I have never owned such a comfortable, solidly built, reliable car in 20 years of motoring. It is excellent on fuel for a reasonable sized engine & that is with the climate control on 95% of the time, easily getting 35+ mpg around town.

Interior is identical to the Audi A3, with all the toys needed for a comfort level well above average.

Servicing costs are very good for me as I work for Volkswagen, which is a huge bonus.

To conclude... I would have another without a doubt, but it would be an auto version.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2008

1999 Seat Toledo TDi S 1.9 TDi 110bhp from UK and Ireland


A fabulous car that's exciting to drive and looks great


Front brake disc's rusted greatly and needed replacing

The interior door arm rest/handles have worn very badly

Rear seat belt stalk plastic covers have broken off.

General Comments:

This is an excellent car, that drives and handles well under normal driving, Its firm suspension and quick turn in makes it fun to drive.

Can become very loose at the rear if pushed hard under braking, but this over-steer I would prefer to butterflies in the stomach under-steer.

It does not like driving over potholes as it hits them very hard at the rear axle, but then all the VWs and Audis with this type of rear axle setup felt hard over very rough ground.

The boot is so deep and the boot opening is so small that you end up not using two thirds of it, SHAME.

If your like me with a 35 inch inside leg you'll find it a bit on the cramped side, but the height adjustable seat helps.

The performance of the 110bhp TDI engine is excellent pulling strong from 2250rpm.

The interior of the "S" model may seem plain, no velor seats, climate control, electric mirrors or CD changer, but it has every thing else the SE has.

I added the CD changer from a SE, it just plugs straight in, wires all ready there and compatible with the standard head unit, the only draw back with this is that it uses up most of the glove box cutting down on the all ready sparse storage space.

The boot lid can be heavy to open.

Rear cabin space is limited, why didn't they take some of the unusable boot space and make decent rear leg room.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2004

21st Jul 2005, 08:22

You forgot a few luxuries the SE has that the S does not in your rush to sing the praises of the S trim! The fuel information MFA computer, the electric parking mirrors, the cruise control and nice armrest and rear blind that the SE has all make the S look particularly uninteresting in comparison to the SE, also the dash is very slightly different.

I currently own both variants and know which one I'd rather have!

12th Dec 2006, 09:31

Oh for God sake - the essential car is basically the same!

1999 Seat Toledo SE 1.8 20v from UK and Ireland


Fully loaded vw bargain


Drivers Seat started to wear at the edges.

Door bins a bit on the cheap side compared to the rest of the cars build quality.

Only thing I have had to change on the car is the tyres.

General Comments:

Handling a bit wooley, but engine pulls cleanly and has plenty of grunt.

A.B.S is great, shares platform with Golf and Bora and it shows, Great comfort and steering.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2004

1999 Seat Toledo V5 2.3 V5 from UK and Ireland


A powerful, luxurious car at a bargain price


The Airflow sensor went at about 70,000 miles. Cost: £200, but covered by an extended warranty.

The door handles are wearing badly only a very smooth surface and different colour remains.

General Comments:

This is a superb car. I have moved from a 1996 Seat Ibiza (1.4 CLS) and do not regret it.

The 2.3 V5 is so smooth and quiet when you want it to be, but really growls and pulls hard when you hit the throttle!

Motorway driving is a pleasure, especially with cruise control. It appears almost silent compared to the Ibiza.

The ride is very comfortable, you are held firmly in place by good, supportive seats.

There are plenty of toys to play with - cruise control; electric seats, mirrors and windows; trip computer; adjustable lights and a 6-CD changer. All as standard.

Throwing the car into corners at speed reveals its weakness - very choppy, but predictable.

Fuel consumption - 18 Miles per gallon around town and 34 Miles per gallon on the motorway. But hey, it is a 2.3! (These are my averages, not the figures from SEAT).

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Review Date: 12th January, 2004