1965 Shelby GT350 289 / Mark IV from North America


Best sports racing car I have ever owned


Rebuilt a ground up restoration in 1984.

It tends to go through battery's and starters, but what do you expect for 11.4 to 1 compression ratio.

I tend to wear out distributors, clutches and brake pads up front.

It's had a top loader 4 speed since I have owned it and it's great.

General Comments:

I bought the car after suffering many defeats in Sports Car Club of America Races to the car in my 1965 Corvette.

This car is very loud and uncomfortable, but very fast and handles great in turns. My Corvette was more comfortable and easier to drive, but the weight was against it in racing. My old M.G.B. was light, but never had enough power. The Shelby has around 385 h.p. and weighs in at only 2550 lbs.

I love the 289 engine, with the short stroke it rev's to 7,200 rpm and pulls strong all the way.

This car was set up as an "R" Model from the day I bought it. I still have the original Detroit Locker and find it very reliable and strong. At present I run an 800 cfm Holley, which is a little rich at idle, but is great above 4,000 rpm.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2004

9th Jun 2004, 20:13

You mean that car went faster than a Corvette? I knew Carrol Shelby was brilliant, but I couldn't have guessed that. Awesome car!

5th Apr 2008, 16:04

The front end weight of the smaller vs larger block V8's made a lot of difference on a race course with curves and S's with these cars. The big block Corvettes and 428 GT500 were faster in a straight line but had too much weight up front. On a drag strip or oval stock car track, the 289 was at a disadvantage, but not on a real track.