1970 Simca 1501 Special 1.5 from North America


I would love to have it now!


In approximately one year of use (of a 14 year old car), I never had one breakdown or problem.

General Comments:

This was the station wagon, an amazing car. Roomy, comfortable and great performance from the standard transmission. And that picnic table in the rear? Forget it, I was the belle of the tailgate parties!

I always got stares, because this was a gorgeous green wagon, never seen in the States until mine!

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Review Date: 15th March, 2005

16th Mar 2005, 11:56

This must have been a much better model than the ones officially imported by Chrysler for sale in N America, the 1204 and the 1118, which are memorable only for being among the earliest fwd cars available in this market, and...well, their total lack of any semblance of styling!

Almost impossible to find any now. There was a US Simca club at one time, but don't know whether it is still active or not.

7th Jul 2006, 14:54

I owned a 1968 or '69 Simca 1204 in Newfoundland in the early 70's. It was a unique and functional vehicle with a useful hatchback. I believe it was also a semi-automatic (shift without a clutch). I don't believe I've seen one since!!

23rd Jun 2009, 14:24

I owned a 1973 Simca in Bogotá Colombia, the engine was a 1204 with four gears, my father used that car until the engine failed in the late 80's... Then in 1991, I repaired the engine and used the car for 2 more years, but the floor was full of rust and the car failed for everything, brakes, clutch and electric issues.

In Colombia you can see a few in the streets, I don´t know how they are still running, maybe with used parts...

1974 Simca 1501 S Automatique 1.5 from Norway


A charming piece of rust


Rust rust and rust.

All sorts of electrical problems.

Speedometer collapsed at 135000km.

Finally the dynamo broke down, then I got rid of it.

General Comments:

A really comfortable and fun car to drive, despite its lack of power - 71hp is not much for a car of this size.

Charming looks and nice interior too, but not the best quality. Lots of space.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2005

11th Apr 2006, 08:44

I remember seeing these around a lot in the 70's. They stood out for having I remember the yellow French fog-lights, tinted windows and metallic paint (both of which were a rarity in those days.) However you could always tell one from miles away due to the tappety engine noise that seemed to belong to all Simcas, Talbots and Peugeots of the time.

23rd Jun 2006, 11:54

Reading reviews about the old French Simcas brought back a very old memory of a cute little Simca my mother owned in the 60s. In 1964 she, as a widow, drove myself, 13, brother 12 and our sister 6 from Edmonton, Alberta back to Ontario where our grandfather lived. We ate and slept in that car for 4 days there and 4 days back. The little engine valiantly went up steep hills and through the hot Canadian prairies, but expired about 60 km short of Edmonton. That Simca will always be one of my fondest memories of our family time together.