1960 Simca Aronde P60 Sedan Etoile 1.2? 4 cylinder pushrod from Germany


Vive la France. Vive la Aronde!


Body rusted to death in 4 years due to salty German roads.

Clutch gave trouble occasionally, but the dealer got it right in the end. Adjustment was wrong.

A few electrical bugs. I can't remember what they were.

Headlamp surrounds fell off when the screws rusted away.

Door locks broke after seizing up in winter.

General Comments:

I used to see hundreds of these cars every day in Berlin, they were very popular.

They were the only french car that looked like an American car, which was unusual at that time. Most French cars looked absurd, in my opinion.

She was comfortable, practical and very cheap to run.

The tail-fins and bug-eye front gave it a 'fishy' look, but it was very cute. Like a small Plymouth or other '50's American auto.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2006

25th Dec 2006, 20:16

Yes! They were cute cars, weren't they?

Shame that they have all disappeared.

10th Apr 2007, 21:17

I had an Etoile here in New Zealand which I used to race. It responded well to modifications and its suspension, especially the rear, with extra coil springs as standard issue, meant it was tight and handled well. Added extra negative camber to front suspension which resulted in a car that handled neutrally and could be thrown into corners. It also had, as standard, large front drum brakes which made for good late braking into corners. It was better than the Ford Anglia's of the same era. Major downside was head gasket problems and cracking of the Aluminium Head. Other than that, a delightful car - never see any of them here in New Zealand now.