1958 Simca Vedette 2.4 side-valve from Australia and New Zealand


Simca Vedette - pretty, but rare these days


Burst cooling hoses.

Some switchgear disintegrated.

General Comments:

The Vedette is a small V8 using a French version of the famous Ford side-valve unit. The body is very much like a Mk11 Zodiac, but a bit more "finny". My was a two-tone silver and black with not one bit of rust.

I liked the feel of the car, but it was a sluggish beast. The gap between 2nd and 3rd gears felt too big and the column shift made it worse. The dash was nice; lots of warning lights and pleasing touches. The light stalk indicator stalk plastics had rotted away, so replacements were fashioned. My indicator stalk was off a forklift!

On a drive from Melbourne to Adelaide, I twice had problems with the top radiator hose. Once, on Ballarat Rd, was fortunately outside a wreckers!

I sold the car after a year or so. I heard from the new owner that one of the heads was no good. That might explain the lack of power and burst hoses!

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Review Date: 27th December, 2015