1968 Singer Chamois 875cc gas from UK and Ireland


A poor man's classic


The only thing I had to replace on the car for the entire year I had it was the head gasket, which was a known flaw with the aluminum engines in these cars. At the time the car was almost 18 years old, so that's not too bad, although it may have been replaced previously.

General Comments:

This was a slightly classier version of the Hillman Imp, with gauges, real wood interior trim, and a radio (which crackled and hissed). An absolute blast to drive, and cheap as dirt to maintain. Took me, my wife and daughter from Brighton to Mull (Scotland) and back without a hitch. Probably getting hard to find now, but I'd love to get my hands on one again; however, now I'm in Canada... sigh...

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2003

4th Oct 2009, 03:28

I once owned a 1965 Singer Chamois, and today I still miss that lively little run about.

Apart from two blown head gaskets, it was the second car I owned as a teenager (I'm 59 now), and for fun and enjoyment I've yet to find a better little car.

I hope shortly to buy a restored one, which I will certainly treasure to remind me of my courting days, when this little vehicle certainly made an impression on the young girls at the time. Halycon days.

Dave D. Aylesbury, Bucks.