1986 Skoda 120 GLS 1.1 from North America


Reliable, comfortable, nearly unique today, and fun to drive! Skoda!


- Rear drums and rear axle seals.

- Latch for the front hood is always tricky on this one.

- Starter motor sometimes gets stuck on if the ignition is improperly started.

General Comments:

While it usually has a little issue or two, 90% of the problems are double digit fixes.

Within the context of a communist car from the 1980s, with tech dating to the 1960s, and a motor only 1187cc, this little car is a champ.

Cheap fixes, reliable, great on gas, can cruise comfortably at 60-70mph all day long with surprising comfort on the highway, and very maneuverable in town.

Lots of headroom, comfortable, and fun to drive.

The major flaw is that it's quite slow, especially whilst heading uphill, but it can still keep up with modern traffic. If it had 70-80 HP, it would be a dream economy car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 3rd August, 2015