24th Oct 2007, 16:40

I agree with your positive comments, but just one thing. It is impossible to tell from outside the car whether a Mondeo TDCi is the 90 bhp, 115 bhp or 130 bhp version. I've driven both a vRS and a 130 TDCi, and although the Skoda is definitely quicker, it wouldn't be "bye bye" as you describe it.

I suspect you came up against the 90 or 115bhp version.

22nd Dec 2007, 13:58

Original reviewer here. 7k miles & six months of ownership later, the Fabia's up for sale. The problem I noted with the slight knocking from the suspension has never materialised again - I think it was just due to turning at full-lock over pot-holes in the works car park. Only fault to materialise during my time of ownership has been the aerial base-plate requiring replacement due to deteriorating radio reception. The car still performs as well as ever; I still enjoy driving it, but other than some reasonably good performance, I haven't found it able to offer anything (comfort, reliability, build quality, toys etc) that my 5 yr old 122k miles Astra diesel didn't offer so it's been a little disappointing in that respect.

I'm finding cars too boring these days, so the Fabia and existing bike are making way for a new Yamaha R6... TWO WHEELS ARE THE FUTURE!

22nd Dec 2007, 14:03

2 wheels will never be the future, but they are OK for a bit of fun. But then again, choose the right car and have your fun in that.

26th Dec 2007, 11:34

Agreed - 2 wheels will never be the future outside of large cities, as most folk don't know how to ride them, are too scared of doing themselves an injury, and whinge about not having their creature comforts, but point to point across our increasingly congested towns and cities, even a £500 commuter bike will provide more smiles and be miles quicker than any car. My previous Impreza was no quicker around the city than my wife's 1.2 Punto. My old £2k Hornet whipped them both :)

26th Dec 2007, 12:41

Well each to their own. I would rather sit in my nice comfortable car for a bit longer each day than lug a helmet and all the biker gear around, and then chance it on the roads with no protection. All cars are the same speed in traffic, but not on the school run or on my way to work; I would rather be in my Impreza than a 1.2 Punto.

14th May 2008, 10:24

Original reviewer here. I hung onto the VRS another few months, but it never really 'grew' on me and I ended up selling it at Easter. It was a decent car, with the only other fault being a wheel bearing required at the last service. Fuel economy never lived up to expectation during my entire ownership of the car - I regularly, even with gentle driving, returned 47-48mpg when measuring it properly, despite the on-board computer averaging 56mpg - this is the first car I have ever had in which I have failed to achieve the manufacturer's mpg figures. Build quality was not a patch on my previous 2002 Astra and I can't believe people rave about the quality of VAG cars! Handling was OK, but a little heavy at the front and skittish at the back. Fabias are good cars, are recommended, but aren't the great cars that some claim. I don't miss mine!