7th Aug 2008, 03:22

Most of the problems are easy fixes, the pressure pipe coming off the intercooler is common in all VAG cars, fairly simple fix, new pipe and/or new clips, as it's under warranty no problems for you.

Due to EU emissions law the new Euro IV compliant engines can be stuttery, there is a fix for that, I would also ask the dealer to fit softer pads if it was me. A word of advice I would never put a car through a car wash, they destroy the paint, especially clear coats, think of all the previous cars grit and muck stuck in the rollers grinding away at the paint like sandpaper.

I own a Seat Tdi, similar engine but older, had a few teething problems in the early days but it's been faultless for years now, so good luck with yours.

9th Aug 2008, 16:07

I agree with the reviewer's comments about the paint. Modern cars have water based paints as lead has been outlawed and this is naturally softer and picks up scratches more easily, but the Japanese still seem to do it better than us Europeans. My MR2 goes through the car-wash most weeks and the paintwork is still standing up to it pretty well after 3 years!

Pipes coming off the intercoolers is an easy 10 minute fix, but I suppose if it's a company car, you have to take it to the dealer for the fix as I am not allowed to do anything to my MR2 myself. I understand the hassle of this and if it's a common problem, why have VAG not rectified this?

I was considering a used vRS or Ibiza FR for my wife, but the comments from many owners on this site have confirmed my suspicions that their build quality ain't what once was.

20th Jan 2010, 13:42

A colleague of mine has just bought one of these run-out Ltd Ed models, and I LMAO when he took me for a run in it! The suspension was knocking over every bump, so I reckon the dog-bone links have broken. There was a bad squeaking/knocking noise from the rear suspension, every time you change gear in cold weather there is a graunching sound from the gearbox, and the brakes were sticking causing a rubbing/grinding noise for the first 10 miles of our journey.

If this is what VAG build quality has dropped to, I'm glad I don't own one - they are complete sheds!

8th Nov 2010, 14:12

Have a 2007 vRS SE 1.9 TDi, and think it's a fantastic car. Performance is very good, and coupled to the economy, it's incredible.

I am surprised at some of the comments above, as mine doesn't smoke very much. I understand cars that have been chipped tend to smoke more, but mine is standard.

Roads where I live are on the rough side, yet the ride is comfortable, and I have yet to experience any of the knocks or bangs mentioned.

I have to say the previous owner has looked after the car very well, and I intend to keep that going.

Oh, and I'm considerably older than 17!