17th Mar 2004, 15:25

I am the person who wrote that review. I can assure you I don't work for Skoda or VW, and quite frankly I'd be pretty poor at selling cars anyway. Its not really in my temperament.

Anyway, I am genuinely happy with the choice hence the glowing review, it really does deserve it, I did my homework with this car and I reckon I made the right choice. Whether or not you believe I work for Skoda is another matter, so you can take it or leave it, but this is a genuine review, I kid you not.

Perhaps readers of this website are only used to badly written reviews of a few very short paragraphs, which to me, in many cases, are not very useful ultimately. I'll try harder next time to make my review more brief / badly worded :-p.


6th Apr 2004, 08:37

Hi Mate.

I probably will get it chipped sometime in the future, but probably not until it is well run in. Besides, I am not rich, so it will take a while until I can afford it.

As for suspension mods, you should go to www.briskoda.net, which has loads of info about modding this car.

12th Apr 2004, 08:45

I own a New 04 Vrs, wow what a car! Quick, reliable and very good looking.

Jabbasport do a chip for £425, 190BHP!! Can't wait to get mine done, maybe wait till I've done 5000 miles though.

26th Apr 2004, 04:41

Have spent several weeks now trying to persuade my better half that the Skoda VRS is the car for us, and seem to be finally getting there, I have a question that maybe a few owners will be able to help me with, have any of you guys serviced your car yet? if so can anyone tell me the base cost for the appropriate service intervals? would also be interested to here what people think of the service from SKODA dealers.

14th Jun 2004, 08:32

Another comment from the owner who wrote this review...

Whatever you do, don't crash this car. Somebody took the liberty of doing exactly that, by crashing into me when I had right of way. The car has now been gone two weeks for repair, and still no sign of when it will be fixed. Apparently they are waiting for an "air duct", the turbo intercooler was damaged in the collision. However, I have been advised that I will be in for a 3 week wait for this part.

Not particularly impressed at this considering the engine is available also in the Audi A3, A4, Skoda Octavia, Superb, Seat Ibiza, Toledo, Corboda, Alhambra, VW Polo (shortly), Golf, Passat, Bora and Sharan, as well as this car, that's at least 14 different cars with the PD130 engine -- one would think that you would not have to wait so long for a part. Ironically, the front bumper which also had to be replaced was obtained straight away - probably the only part unique to a Fabia vRS!!

23rd Jun 2004, 06:53

Enjoyed reading your review after reading quite a few more negative ones. nice to find a site where owners make the comments. I currently have a Fabia SDI, and having tested the vRS it now feels like driving a tractor. Get my vRS in 3 days time and am counting the seconds.

10th Jul 2004, 09:20

I have had my Fabia Vrs since March 1st 04, done 10,000 miles and had a re-map from Jabbasport, WOW

My only problem is paint flaking from the front bumper, Skoda will re-paint under warranty.

22nd Jul 2004, 10:13

Hi Everbody, I own a Fabia vrs which I personely chipped.

The job was a simple plug & play. Have now done 9000 miles with chip and the driving fun remains the same.

OK so where did I purchase the chip mod? E Bay, £41.00.

So much fun for so little cost. Just search pd130.

22nd Jul 2004, 13:22

To the person who's had the Jabba remap - tell me more! I have an 04 vRS with about 4k on the clock. How much of an improvement is it? I don't mean 140bhp to 180bhp I mean how is it different to drive now? Do you have any concerns about the gear box or clutch taking the extra power? Warranty issues?

26th Aug 2004, 08:11

To the person who bought the £41 chip - i'd remove it ASAP and get it done professionally! There is a reason why the likes of JabbaSport, Revo, and APR charge so much money for a rechip!

If this is the kind of bypass I think it is, its going to do some serious long term damage to your engine!

You have been warned!

5th Oct 2004, 09:21

My wife and self have now owned our vRS for less than a week, to replace a Yaris T Sport as our 2nd.car.

We are extremely pleased with the Skoda's value for money given a difference in the full retail price of only £5.

As long as our expected 3 year ownership proves to be as trouble-free as our Toyota, I believe the vRS to be the superior vehicle.

The suspension, gearing, equipment and expected gains in running costs, together with the additional room and engine flexibility---all add up to probably better value than our Toyota.

I would like to take this opportunity to enquire of other owners about the gearing in the 6 forward ratios, namely can anyone provide the MPH/1000rpm for each of the 6 forward gears?

I realise I can obtain the approx. figures by noting the apparent road speed at 2,000revs. and divide by 2 but I would prefer the official figs.



30th Oct 2004, 03:26

I have just bought a new vRS after owning an Octavia TDi 110 and subsequently a Fabia 1.4 100bhp petrol.

I loved the TDi engine, and equally loved the Fabia which drove like a dream, but missed the TD punch!

Now, I have the best of both...

I recommend any new generation Skoda for the style, quality and overall ability at a sensible (not exactly cheap) price.

Nice people seem to be attracted to them unlike 'other' brands...


3rd Feb 2005, 18:17

Update from the person who wrote the original review, I have now clocked 16,000 glorious miles in this car, and I still love it. The car is still standard, but I still enjoy its effortless, punchy performance that leaves most cars in its wake whether that be on a country road or motorway.

Running in has made a big difference, and the car is much quicker than when new, apparently many turn out 145-150 bhp standard, and that's believable. Doesn't sound a lot, but coupled with 250 lb ft of torque it encourages some seriously anti-social speeds. I felt at the beginning it didn't rev well past 3,000, but now its run in, it seems to have plenty of go until you hit about 4,200 but theres no point in going past that. Thing is, a cross country blat around twisty, hilly B-roads, this car can put a smile on your face and still return 40 MPG - incredible. I do find the best and most rewarding way to drive this car is not to treat it like a petrol where you are bouncing off the rev-limiter, but instead working the gearbox, and driving smoothly, exploiting the big slugs of torque in the middle of the rev range. Watch the speed though, as its easy enough to reach speeds that could almost ensure you living on a diet of bread and water at her majesties pleasure!

There are a few things that I have noticed about it, which could do with improvement. Firstly, there is a slight looseness / vagueness with the steering. This can be fixed with a strut brace, giving more feeling. Secondly, the car has a tendency to dive under heavy braking, and could do with uprated springs and/or shock absorbers, having said that, its cornering and grip is entertaining in its own way, and can be driven very quickly down back lanes. Thirdly, the brakes are slightly lacking feel and can fade somewhat when driven with real aggression. I think better brake pads would go a long way to fixing that, with uprated fluid and metal braided hoses providing more feel, for not too much money.

With those issues sorted, I intend to go for a remap + seat ibiza cupra intake pipe. This should give at least 175 bhp and 280 lb ft without stressing the internal components too much. Having been in a remapped car, I can say that it does make a noticable difference to performance, with an added advantage in the midrange, and improved responses top end, with less turbo lag. The result is a car that is absolutely bonkers!

12 months and 16,000 miles, nothing has gone wrong, drives like a dream, totally recommended.

5th Jan 2010, 20:21

Even having a remap by a proper company is not a good idea; there is a reason Skoda sell it with 130bhp and not 170bhp. A remap gives you more power and more mpg; sounds too good to be true.