19th Sep 2007, 07:56

I don't see the point in tuning them anyway really. Just had my unmodified Seat Cordoba 130 dyno tested at Graham Goode Racing in Leicester recently and the results were 147 bhp and 268 lb ft of torque. So why bother remapping. The guys there told me this is common and that the official VW power output figures for these engines are quite conservative.

2nd Oct 2007, 14:22

I'm sorry I've had enough; the Skoda Fabia vRS is a brilliant little car, nobody has the right to call it a bad car. Different people drive and use cars differently. I'm not bothered in the slightest of the 0-60 or top speed.

I haven't got a vRS YET, but I'm looking and waiting till next month for 3 years no claims. The day my insurance runs out is the day you'll see me in the local Skoda dealer signing on the dotted line.

19th Nov 2007, 06:41

I've never heard so much rubbish in all my life! Everyone slating the vRS clearly hasn't got a clue!

I own one myself, and have driven a lot of cars, and this one, especially for value for money, is fantastic!

0-60 times have been recorded as low as 7 seconds in a standard car, which is pretty quick!

Mine is re-mapped (no one's on about chipping as in a diesel it's not necessary, which you should know being a 'car expert') and I've upgraded the clutch and flywheel, and have had no problems at all; better fuel economy and a lot lot quicker!

As said before, go on briskoda.net. There's guys that have done 100k miles with their cars re-mapped; explain that!!!

As for Saxo VTR's; don't make me laugh, not lost a race against one yet! I'd also like to add BMW 300d, 330d, 500d, 530d, Z3 and a Z4 the other day, also Mercs, Copper S's and just about everything else that comes my way! Anyway, us vRS owners will beat any petrol eventually, as you will all run out of fuel!

99BHP per tonne may not be amazing, but you forget they have more torque than a Porsche Boxter S (remapped), so you don't need a load of BHP!

As for looking cheap/low quality??? What are you all on about, it's one of the most solid built cars I've driven!

Rover beating a vRS??? Was is it a V8?! Calm down son, think you're having a giggle aren't you?!

As for handling, after a few mods that cost next to nothing, it's now like a go cart; handles any corner I throw at it!

We're a wolf in sheep's clothing, so watch out!

21st Nov 2007, 02:51

Oh wow 99 bhp per tonne; don't rip the tarmac up too much! LOL.

I used to have a Mondeo V6 that would ripped apart the little vRS; granted it would have guzzled fuel, but sounds 10 times better and goes like hell on the motorway, something no Fabia driver can ever say, I now own a Sport Clio 172, which is even faster.

The point I'm trying to make is the Fabia vRS is merely a warm hatch; it's not hot in anyway, and a remap is chipping in the sense of the word as you plug in a chip or flash module to the ECU to reprogram its settings, so make sure you get your facts straight before criticising others.

21st Nov 2007, 10:30

Mini cooper S's are actually quite fast cars, you will not beat one of those, and the BMW 530d? You must be joking, its amazing what these fabia owners will say. Or kid themselves that they were actually in a race!

21st Nov 2007, 13:03

Interesting comment about the Mondeo V6, also known as the Cologne slug, absolutely hideous engine, hugely slower than figures suggest, heavy and leisurely are the words that come to mind. A 2.0 Carina E would run rings around one. What planet are you on. Ford V6 = Gutless... always was always will be. They have no pick up or get up and go, dreadful antiquated obsolete heaver of a car.

Any VW/Audi TDi apart from the 1.4 would obliterate it in the performance stakes.

23rd Nov 2007, 02:16

Haha, first off it's not a Cologne it's a duratec, completely different engine to the Sierra XR4x4 days.

Much smoother and definitely quicker.

You say it's a slug and then go onto mention a Toyota??? LOL.

I have beaten the Fabia vRS before in it, as the maths speak for themselves.

23rd Nov 2007, 14:06

Having recently sold a Subi WRX and X Type 3.0 Sport, and replaced these with two Skodas; a Fabia vRS for the wife and an Octavia vRS for me, I can conclude the following.

The WRX was fast, but cost the earth to run. The Fabia is a great little car, can't remember when I last filled it up, not as fast as the subi, but who really cares; it's fast enough, insurance group 9, not 19.

The Octavia is by far a better car than the jag, better built, better to drive, and without the shocking transmission.

Conclusion, I do not care if a Fabia vRS is faster or slower than a vtec or anything else, all I know is that it drives well, is well built, and does not attract the silly profit that some so called prestige brands make from the brand sheep.

1st Dec 2007, 17:12

I've had 2 Fabia vRS's now, the first was remapped and never missed a beat, sold at 80k miles. The second is new, it'll be remapped very soon.

It's the first time ever I've felt the need to buy the same model car twice! This Skoda package is truly unsurpassed at the price (let's compare like for like cost wise please).

Performance wise, at risk of perpetuating the childish '0-60 / I beat this car' bull, the remapped Furby can and does provide many more grins than is necessary.

Mondeo V6, Clio 172, Fiesta ST150 (a fair comparison) even Cooper S, yes the tweaked Fabia can eat them all (from personal experience).

Oh, it goes like hell on the motorway - really.

1st Dec 2007, 20:31

I'm sure it feels very fast to you, but have you ever owned a real fast car? The fabia VRS will have a lot of torque, but that's it, it will pull a caravan very well.

8th Dec 2007, 08:57

Above comment. lmfao!!! That was a funny comment, totally agree with you, well said!

12th Mar 2008, 18:59

Seriously, I think many people should get a grip on this forum, and try to understand the point.

Fabia VRS owners are aware that an unmodified furby will not beat a CTR etc off the lights, and quite frankly most VRS owners really don't care.

I drive an Elise 111r myself, but my other half has an unmodified Fabia VRS. Brilliant little car. It's now done 50,000 miles with no problems. Overtaking is effortless, just find a gap and go. Real world performance is quite a shock initially. Yes a car like a CTR would pull away from the Fabia on a tricky a-road, but who really gives a s*!?. The point is for those of us who are not obsessed with proving how quick your car is off the lights, the Fabia is a truly excellent car.

Granted, it doesn't come close to my Elise for thrills or speed/handling, but that's not what it is there for. And I've no doubt that the VRS would pull away from most standard hot hatches in the mid-range; after all it's not easy to keep up in my Elise from 30-70, and that's with the other half driving it (on an autobahn)! Very humbling in a car that cost over twice as much new.

Oh, and as for getting 40mph in any Elise with any style of driving; it's a little unrealistic. Yet even in slow driving around town the Fabia returns 45!!!

Brilliant car.

21st Jun 2009, 05:34

Have just sold my WRX STi and an A6 2.7 twin turbo. I believe I am aware of what's fast; I have always owned quick cars. Clio valves, GT turbos, HF turbo.

I have just replaced my girlfriend's Fabia SDI with the vRS. I am shocked at how quick it is. I have a friend with a VX220 and from 60-110, 4th, fifth and sixth, it will keep up. THIS IS STANDARD VRS.

Yes they are quick, and I would suggest any one drove one before they comment. The 0-60 isn't all that quick compared with a Subaru, but once it's going it is fast - also stayed up with 350z - I'm sure off the mark they can be beaten, but are a lot of fun and really really upset people.

They just look like crap; no amount of washing will make it look any different!