1990 Skoda Favorit L 1.3 from Serbia


A great first car, very cheap, decent


I don't know how many km are on the car, since the meter doesn't work.

Servo brakes almost completely gone. You have to 'pump' them (literally) if you want to brake (but if you do it every time you start the car, you'll have no problems).

Steering wheel is noisy. Very annoying.

Doorknobs completely fell apart, I'll have to change them (luckily it's cheap).

One door can't be opened (I have no idea why) .

Parking brake barely works.

The ignition distributor won't ignite sometimes (you have to move the car a bit and it starts).

Oil spills everywhere.

General Comments:

You simply have to try it to know it. There's something special about the way this car handles, and when you get to know her, you'll be very pleased (unless it falls apart on you).

There is a lot of free space inside, both in the front and back, so it's perfect for carrying light cargo.

It's not a very fast car, but that's not what I look for in a car. What I need is space and simplicity of design, which is exactly what this Skoda gives. The car, as well as her parts are very cheap, so it's not a bad idea to buy two of them for parts.

I've had no trouble starting it in winter (-15C). It heats up very fast (and if you keep pushing her on high RPM she'll overheat), but cools down just as fast.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2009

1990 Skoda Favorit LX Estate 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Anti-style, practical fun


Right front brake caliper seized. re-conditioned replacement reasonably good value, compared to the Astra I owned before. It`s a shame I could not find a rebuild kit and had to buy a whole re-conditioned unit. In my experience, all alloy calipers can seize with age so I don`t blame the car at all.

Started motor (non original) failed. Re-conditioned replacement is surprisingly twice the size, so again, I will not blame the car, just the part.

I now self cancel left indicators in all the cars I drive because the Skoda`s do not, so I end up turning on the right indicator in them. I still won`t blame the car because I used to have a Seat Ibiza that could not self cancel either direction...

Front suspension bushes started to crunch horribly, my local dealer said it was common. They fixed it for more than the car is worth. I blame the car for this.

The heated rear window, when switched on, creates interference on the radio. I don`t switch it on, my radio reception is more important. It`s not such a problem in the temperate south of England, so I don`t blame the car.

Today, I smelt petrol all through my journey to work. A pipe (non original), from something to something in the carburetor area was split, and replacing the pipe, all six inches of it, worked a treat. Again, I blame the non-original part, not the car.

The sunroof leaks and has to be sealed with unattractive carpet tape. I blame myself for removing the sunroof, as it`s possible in a Favorit, and carrying ladders through the sunroof aperture. This deformed the roof slightly and made sealing impossible, creating a puddle in the foot wells every time it rains. My fault, not the car`s.

The mileage reading is low, but the actual mileage is unknown. The mileometer/speedometer chooses to only register the first ten or so miles of any journey so miles recorded and, during journey, speed reached is anyone`s guess. Definitely the car`s fault. I bought a low mileage car, it`s purchaser will buy a low mileage car. None of us knows, but I`ll come clean.

General Comments:

My car is a 1990 Czech product, pre VW influence (which I`m proud of),which explains a lot including a sun dried dash top that resembles a curled up sandwich and electrics that have their own mind. I have yet to find any rust though.

My Favorit Estate is NOT seriously quick and does NOT handle like it`s on rails. I`m lucky enough to have another car that does, so I don`t expect that of my beloved Skoda.

Having read some recent reviews, I think either my car is under-achieving or the reviewers have some performance secrets they are not sharing. My car is in very good condition, but it is slow and sounds like it`ll explode at over 3000 rpm (and when pushed, does not deliver bhp let alone torque), but, if a `preservation of momentum` driving style is adopted and corners are anticipated and `leant into` early, the body roll gradually takes up all of the strain so the suspension and tyres grip like billy-o. Just don`t ask it to change direction too quickly - It can`t. Great fun is had annoying following cars by pulling away in sweeping corners! As fast as sensible in, as fast as possible out!

I bought my Skoda as a Work/Pub/Tip/DIY Shop car. I can ferry my friends to a pub, anywhere, in town or out-in-the-sticks, leave the car over night and it will always be there the next morning awaiting collection (Skodas still aren`t cool for thieves or vandals). It`s small on the outside, but fantastically big on the inside for DIY shop purchases and those big tip runs. It is anti-style, although, in my opinion, hugely stylish (styled by Bertone don`t you know), snob proof and quite rare now, especially in turquoise with fog lights, sun roof and a boot spoiler!High class!

I may be branded as sad by some, but I think these Bertone styled Skodas should be seen as classics now. Somebody will miss them when they`re gone. Hans Ledwinka and his cohorts` legacy should not be forgotten.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2003

22nd Feb 2004, 21:24

Ooh, I damn near bought one of these (Favorit LX Estate) when looking for my first car, got a Mk3 Polo instead, now I see what I was missing :)

Not much, but I won't embarrass you by saying you have a rubbish car, it sounds like fun and of course... you don't have to worry about people mistaking that you have expensive things in the car which are actually theirs and punching thru the door locks... Plus it probably starts in winter and doesn't mist up like a bugger.

(Though, on the whole, I'm glad I passed up a bigger engine and load bay with cool anti-cool pointy styling for something that's otherwise solid and reliable. Even when I attempt to put as much stuff in as I imagined the "other car" would take, it still sort of soldiered on with the exhaust on the floor.. still remember about it because it looked so funky.. jet black.. how about that haring up behind your bmw at a hard-fought 85mph when you're only doing 60.. crap-your-pants time as the big black £400 tin opener is coming to destroy your £40000 toy hehe)