1993 Skoda Favorit LS 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Reliable basic motoring, and surprisingly enjoyable to drive too


Practically no trouble at all. I had a bit of very minor trouble with incorrectly made rotor arms (made in the UK by Lucas!) which necessitated a quick roadside repair taking all of 2 minutes.

Towards the end, had a bit of trouble with windscreen wash pumps - one failed, the other leaked a bit.

The wheels tended to suffer rim leaks so I took to carrying a footpump.

On what was to be the car's last substantial journey the fuel pump failed (I think - didn't bother fixing it), leading to an ignominious tow home.

General Comments:

When I got the car I gave it a really thorough service - fixed the corroded front brakes, replaced all four shocks with good quality (KYB and Monroe) units, did all the usual service items - and after that did pretty minimal maintenance. I put good quality tyres on it (175/60 front, 165/65 rear) and it handled practically neutral and very predictably.

As a result I got 4 years of utterly reliable service and far better performance than one normally expects from a £550 banger.

Despite the high mileage I didn't have to replace any of the following:

Bushes; wheel bearings; CV joints; steering components; brake pipes; clutch; clutch cable; gaskets; battery; or, amazingly, light bulbs (that's obviously more luck than anyone's good judgement!).

It's no screamer, but it'll do 75mph on the motorway all day, no worries, and it pulls off the line as fast as most cars in town. It won't handle high revs (4400 peak, 3600 max for cruising) but the gearing is sensible.

Comfort is adequate rather than stunning. I do wish I'd fixed the cabin heater when I got it rather than 2 years later - in working condition it's great!

I've already bought another similar and am currently doing it up to the same spec. Bear in mind that given what these cost, even low mileage examples, you can easily justify replacing all the stuff like shock absorbers and tyres with good quality stuff to make the car feel like new. It might seem funny spending £400 on parts for a £350 car, but I reckon it's invariably better economy than buying a £750 car and just running it 'as is' until the wheels fall off perhaps only months later.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2005

1993 Skoda Favorit GLX Hatchback 1.3/4 from UK and Ireland


A cheap car that is good around town


Indicator lights needed replacing at 15,000 miles.

Heater stopped working after 23,000 miles.

Brake disc's were replaced at 38,674 miles.

Electric windows gave me some trouble at 50,000 miles.

Seats started to wear badly at 93,000 miles.

My head gasket blew in 2002.

Gearbox needed replacement in 2000.

Screen wipers replaced once in 1997 and again in 2002.

Cam-belt needed replacement at 63,000 miles.

There was also some oil leeks in 1999 at 99,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is competent transport for around the town use, but I do not recommend going at high speeds on motorways to often as the engine is not very powerful.

The handling is quite good for a front wheel drive though I recoment that you do not drive fast around windy roads in the wet.

When you buy a skoda choose one with a low millage and without any major machanical faults.

The interior is comfortable though dull and boring in general the cabin is also quite gloomy.

This car is good value for money and I would recoment it for anyone on a tight budget.

Choose the last of versions of this model as in 1993 there was major improvements in the suspension and plastics.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2003

16th Nov 2018, 17:20

The Favorit doesn't have a cambelt, that's the beauty of them.

1993 Skoda Favorit LX 1.3 petrol from Slovenia


The best first car you can buy, if you have a sense of humor!


When I got the car it has previously done only 7000 km in 7 years and most of the rubber gasoline hoses were leaking. They were cheap to replace.

At 8000 km all of my shock absorbers were so soft that the car was dangerous to drive. I got them renewed hardened by a 100% and installed shorter springs. Since then the car is very stable and on curvy road outperforms many Gt cars. Fabulous handling!

At 12000 km the rear brakes started to leak, but were cheap to repair.

At 25000 km the front suspension bushes started to make horrible sounds and needed to be replaced.

At 27000 km the front ball joints were changed, but that was because of my style of driving! They were very cheap!

General Comments:

Handling is very good if you get harder shock absorbers and harder springs!

The seats are uncomfortable and give absolutely no side support! I changed them with seats from a Honda CRX.

The original engine has good torque, but NO power from 4000 rpm up! So for more power I changed the original 240°/230° camshaft with a sport 295°/295°. Lowered the head and upgraded the carburettor! It now goes like a rocket! It kicks to life at 2500 rpm and revs like crazy to 6500 rpm.

The engine is loud in the original setup in mine it is VERY LOUD as hell! But I love it!

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Review Date: 31st August, 2003

12th Mar 2004, 07:02

I'm also from slovenia and I must say you are a joker. Congrats for what you've done with a very lousy car!

27th Sep 2007, 17:00

...Yes, but what great cars do you have in Slovenia?