2005 Skoda Octavia 200 FSI 2.0 petrol from Malaysia


Premium sporty car that is value for money



General Comments:

My choice was made after comparing with several other makes including BMW 320I, Audi A4, VW Jetta and Mercedes C class.

Excellent build quality.

Almost perfect paintwork that looks like new even after 5 years.

Car was delivered to my house in impeccable condition.

Fun to drive with sporty performance (150BHP engine), good handling & comfort.

Solid construction that remains rattle free after 5 years.

Ample room for a family of 5 with a huge boot.

Advanced features in 2005 such as 6 speed auto box, rain & light sensors, electric adjustable driver's seat & electric steering.

Economical. One full fuel tank gives an average 450 km after spirited driving.

Some RM 30,000 to 40,000 cheaper than the makes mentioned above.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2010

2005 Skoda Octavia Elegance 1.9 TDi from UK and Ireland


A superb smaller brother to the Superb


Nothing major has gone wrong with the car, a couple of bulbs as you would expect. However, more annoyingly a tiny washer caused a diesel leak into the engine bay, this was fixed by the supplying Skoda dealer.

The CD auto changer occasionally says 'error' across disc number 3. The dealer can't find a fault. However, the car does have 6 discs in the boot and a single slot in the dash, so I still have plenty of choice.

General Comments:

I bought the Octavia as an approved used car from a Skoda dealer. I haven't been disappointed with the car, however, the supplying dealer wasn't brilliant. They made a meal of replacing an indicator lens, requiring the car to go back three times for such a small job. I found this somewhat unacceptable.

Aside from the dealer service, I cannot fault my experience of the Octavia. It is very comfortable, I do over 40k miles per year & I reach my destination relaxed and stress free. The brakes are sharp, however they often screech loudly. This has been put down to the previous owner using non Skoda pads.

The car's performance is very good, quite surprising for only 105bhp and a relatively large car. It is easy to 'chip' the 1.9PD TDi engine and this only adds to the performance. The handling is acceptable, nothing amazing, but OK. It does wallow through the corners somewhat when hurrying it a little. It is not as composed as, say a Mondeo. However, that is the only area where the Mondeo leads the Octavia.

The boot space is ample, plenty of room for suitcases and overnight bags. On a recent visit to the tip, the Skoda took everything I needed in one visit.

The level of equipment is superb. Climate & cruise control, CD auto changer (when it works), reverse parking sensors, alloy wheels, 4 electric windows to name, but a few are all standard. The fit and finish is top draw too. The only reason to choose the equivalent VW is for the badge. This is coming from a motor trade professional, and no, I don't work for Skoda.

Anyway, moving on. The seats are great and there is a lot of adjustment to get the driving position perfect. The dashboard is great, you feel 'wrapped' into the car. This helps with the driving experience.

The supplying dealer experience may not have been great, but visiting a different dealer for servicing increased my views of Skoda dealers. They were very polite professional & couldn't do enough for me. It's amazing how the service can vary within the same network.

On the subject of servicing, the timing belt is due at 80k miles along with a major service. Allow between £550 to £720 for all this to be done. The brake fluid also needs changing every 2 years at around £50. These are the quotes I was given for mine to be done. I would suggest allowing for this should you be looking at a higher mileage Octavia.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2007

13th Jun 2007, 11:04

Interesting that you say the Mondeo leads regarding the handling. I had a new 130BHP Mondeo diesel for 6 weeks whilst my Octavia (new 1.9 Estate) was repaired (a young lady drove into the side of me). There are a couple of fast roads and a large fast roundabout coming off the M25 and, without being totally reckless, I like to push the car a bit when conditions/traffic allow on said roads. I attempted these roads at the same speed as my Octavia in the Mondeo, and the Mondeo oversteered and rolled far more than the Octavia, in fact I couldn't comfortably take the roundabout as fast as the Mondeo and had to back off a little. The tyre pressures were fine on the Mondeo. I think the Mondeo misleads as it sometimes feels as if you are going faster than you actually are. No way is the Mondeo as agile as the Skoda. Period.