16th Aug 2001, 10:45

Bought my Ambient 1.6i in November 2000. After going to a local car show and viewing/testing a number of different vehicles, I came to the Skoda stand. I was greatly impressed with the style, quality, roominess & comfort (being 6'5" the latter made a big impression on me, I sat in the car with my significant other & was amazed to see that there was NO physical contact between us, which usually happens in most other makes + my head didn't touch the roof yihaaaaaa, whenever I get into a lot of other different makes I always feel like I'm getting into a sardine can!!!).

The Skoda Octavia I sat in, on that day, had me sold from that moment forth!!!

22nd Sep 2001, 08:35

I agree... It is a good car and offers a whole lot of car for your money.

Perhaps Skoda should hire someone with more taste to design the interior of the car. I test drove an octavia that had very tacky (plastic) wooden panels... yuk!

Skoda still has a poor ring to it and images of a wheelbarrow come to mind. That is still a shame because Skoda has made great leaps forward since being acquired by VW.

Personally I own a SEAT which has the same parts as a VW, Audi and Skoda. The engine to look at is the 1.9l TDI! What a blast to drive a car that has an engine like that!

28th Jan 2002, 23:08

Hi from Singapore. Just got my new Ambient 1.6 (M) last Saturday (26.01.02) and I discovered that the car is much better than I thought. Very quiet, very good handling, very spacious and above all "value for money". I used to own a Rover 216i Cabrio which I can say was the worst car I ever own. Skoda is a VW car at the price of Skoda. No regrets what so ever about my new Skoda.


4th May 2003, 08:38

Ever since I bought the all new revamped Skoda... I have not been able to find any car of the same category at a better value... after 2.5 years of driving a skoda... I finally decide to buy a new Skoda... with the new warranty and whole lot of other stuffs.

If only the Superb is available in Singapore... I am sure I will go for it... Great value good car is all I can say... in fact if Superb is available... maybe VW Passat's sales will be eroded.

I have driven Honda... Alfa... Suzuki... Merc...Subaru... I am glad... Skoda is what I am driving now...