28th Apr 2009, 08:52

I bought a Octavia 1.9 TDI Ambient (Y reg 220,000 miles for £1200) It had been used as a taxi it's whole life previous to me buying it, then I also had it as a taxi. Kept me going for the 1st year, but did spend money on it. New clutch, brake shoes, water pump, etc, but I have to take my hat off to it, it made me money.

I eventually took it off as a taxi at 250,000, sold it to a friend for £500.00 (sold as seen). He kept it going, but got rid as the turbo was cutting out at 3000RPM and the fact he wanted a Scooby. Gutted, he sold it on eBay for scrap at £800. Just goes to show they are very good cars that do keep their value.

8th Feb 2010, 06:22

My W reg Octavia TDi estate has been a great car, apart from an occasional wiper glitch, but I recently drove over one of those speed ramps at low speed and had a loud clunk from the front. A quarter of a mile down the road, the oil light came on, and 150 yards further while trying to find somewhere safe to park, the top of the engine became rattly and with a screech it cut out. I just had enough momentum to park for the last time, as the engine needed replacing and the cost was more than the car's worth. A very tidy looking write off!

12th Jan 2011, 08:57

I have a 110bhp 1.9TDI V reg, bought it new.

It has now done 270,000 miles, still has original clutch and no significant problems to date (clutch pedal did break after 10 years a commonish fault).

Have now given car to daughter and bought the same again. This says it all about these remarkably reliable cars.

Doc Bob.