11th Jun 2004, 09:09

Skodas are made in Czech Republic as far as I know.

I am thinking about buying the new 2005 Octavia, it looks very nice, a bit too big I think, but that's OK.

Since I had the worst experience with my previous car... a Land Rover Freelander, I decided not to spend too much money on a car ever again.

2nd Aug 2004, 19:19

Why on earth did you buy it? You must have liked something about it!

Personally I think the VRs is brilliant (especially with regards to value) - getting one very soon, bored of my lovely, but slightly dull A4, and I respect the fact that some think the shape ugly for example, we all have different tastes and opinions. But it seems odd you have bought one then can do nothing, but criticise it.

Looking on the bright side, sounds like there will soon be another 1 year old one for sale - you will have no problem selling it.

13th Dec 2004, 09:20

That's the first person I heard to totally slag a VRS off. The cars got speed, handling, VW build quality and loads of luggage space (exSpecially the estate). The Octavia VRS was tested by the KENT POLICE FORCE against other cars like the Vectra 3.0GSI, Mondeo 2.5 V6. BMW 2.5 and other makes all estate models. maybe the Vectra was the quickest in the straight line, but the Octavia VRS was the best for drivability, luggage space and the quickest of them all when not on a motorway. the cars at the police station I'm are thrashed 24hrs a day and after and the only thing replaced on them at present are the brake pads. In-fact I am so impressed with the package the VRS offers this will be my next car. QUALITY.And if i was a boy racer than the car would be BAAAAADDDDDD

1st Mar 2005, 16:59

I'm interested, like the other commentators, why someone would buy a car they didn't like the look of?

I've had an RS Octavia for @ 18 months now from new and had the reversing tackle and sunroof fitted as extras.

After running in for about 5,000 miles I had the engine retuned from its stock 180 Brake and 175 FT LBS to 210 Brake and 250 FT LBS. If the original commentator reported the handling as OK I suggest he does what I did.

A test drive at a proving ground showed me why a number of Police forces voted it the most stable car they have ever driven under braking and cornering. Use the computer controlled differential, it works beautifully even with the enhanced performance I have.

Nothing has gone wrong with the car in all the time I've had it. Where else can you buy a car for £16,600, including mods and extras with handling, performance, braking and reliability like this!

I'd rather have a good car with a bad badge than a bad car with a good badge. The SAAB 93 is a vectra in dinner jacket and the X type Jaquar is based on the mondeo!

11/10 to Skoda.

I shall be buying another when the new version comes out.

31st Mar 2010, 14:59

Going to Scotland in the morning to pick up my 2003 vRS. Have followed write ups and reviews on this car since it first appeared on Top Gear in 1997, and have never read or heard anyone being negative about it. Got a 300 mile trip back home, and looking forward to every second of it.