28th Nov 2006, 12:43

I'm using a Skoda L&K from May 2006 and I found it a wonderful car to drive...

3rd Apr 2007, 13:15

I too own a Skoda L & K model... I can't understand the comment on "Engine gets killed suddenly at low RPM, and can invite an ACCIDENT if the car behind comes, since you have to turn the ignition way back to zero & crank it again"...

The car should me moved in 1st gear... I'm sure if the car is moved by first gear, then there is no chance of car getting switched off... the car is 1900 cc, so we have to maintain the required RPM...

"Steering is much harder than to other cars"- I don't have any idea about this comment too... I have driven nearly every model of car, I don't find much difference...

Good mileage... grand look... comfortable... spacious... what else we expect from a car...

27th Nov 2007, 11:29

I actually agree with what has been said about octavia. After octavia I am driving verna and I feel verna is comparatively much smoother vehicle.

6th May 2008, 18:55

Hi; this is regarding the message about the fella that had problems with steering wheel after changing the stereo. I had a similar problem... the dealer asked me if I had changed anything in the car? I said no. he said did I touch any of the electricals... and again I said no; not really; I replaced the stereo but what does that have to do with anything. the dealer said the diagnostics will not work unless I get the old radio and plug it back in!! I lucky enough to have it lying around and plugged it in an everything started to work again!

I am not saying this is the fix, but check with the dealer and see if this may be the cause.

19th Jun 2008, 13:53


Clutch: Did you have a check with the oil and master cylinder? Are they pretty much fine, as it's a hydraulic clutch and it's unlikely that this becomes harder than the cable one as seen on other cars.

Horn: Try using the edges, and you may feel comfortable. Pressing in the middle where the Skoda logo is will have a feeling of hardness.

Steering: We can always adjust it through a software called VAG-COM. Try Google for this; this can also be done at the service, and let your service adviser know at the next service.

Leather: It's a plus, and a healthy aspect you might have been ignorant of, as we often get back pains with smooth or super smooth seats. These hard leather ones maintain lumbar support, which is the key for all our backaches and spinal issues.

Engine: It's mainly linked to the earlier clutch issue I suppose, as clutch is hard and not looked after by a proper technician. It tends to release pretty soon and hence, the engine shuts down, and how much is the RPM meter showing the RPM as? This too, can be adjusted by dealer or by yourself by a VAG-COM.

The key has a safety feature to prevent cranking while the engine is running and protect your starter motor; this must be turned to off and on, and then crank/start.

Hard to drive: Oh it's good at speeds, and its all you can manage with the super featured car, and all is computerised and the ECU manages it. All you have to do is tune accordingly, and it's a machine you will like if you follow this and Google more for VAG-COM.

Cars are to be driven, but must they be set by a dealer every time? How about a customised one that suits you? Skoda is one where you may have your options.

And more if you add a power box like PSI from Pete's, it's a charm, and you will feel like it's more than petrol on a diesel. Regarding pickup and torque, try Googling Pete's for Octavia.

I may be more exhaustive but well experienced facts. For more information, one can try Briskoda.net for info. and exciting articles on what the Skoda is up to in the world.

12th Nov 2011, 02:07

Hi, I have just got my Skoda L&K Octavia 1.9 TDI. Can anyone give me reports on what to look out for, i.e. what's bad and what's good? Thanks RT. It's a 2006 car.