2013 Skoda Rapid Ambition 1.4 petrol from Turkey


Feels solid


Nothing til now.

General Comments:

I have had the car for the last 10 days, and I've had the chance to drive it both on the highway and in rush hour city traffic. Nice to drive, handles good, fuel consumption is as low as 6L/100km in combined use.

The car feels solid and safe, the trunk is the best in its class, and very useful shape wise.

Gear changes are as smooth as they could be.

Negatives; seats could be better; even in mid spec you won't get an arm rest for both the front and back.

Dealer was just rubbish. If I didn't know the car previously, I would definitely change my mind just because of the dealer.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2013

3rd Oct 2014, 18:20

I wrote the original post, and after driving 1.5 years, I wanted to add some extra info.

As I mentioned in my original post, the car still feels solid. I drove it in some harsh environments, and still no issues with the solidity. One thing that disturbs me about the car more and more every day is the shortage of comfort. I mean in every way. The cabin is loud, and the seats are still as firm as a brick wall. That missing arm rest costs around 300 euros in service, because all the mid console should be changed.

But the fuel consumption makes me happy, and the large boot space as well.

Performance is still like on the first day. I paid roughly 150 euros for the first service, so you decide if it is cheap or not. After 1.5 years of driving, I am more or less happy.

1990 Skoda Rapid 135 RiC 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Seriously under-rated, dare you to try one!


When I purchased the car, it had been neglected for approximately 6 years. The clutch went and the engine needed changing (the engine from a front-engined Favorit had replaced the original, causing clutch problems) and it frequently threatened to over heat - solved by replacing the radiator pressure cap (£4).

The rear wheel arches had rusted, as had the sills and front valence, and numerous other areas, while the driver's seat was worn and the rear seats had suffered sun damage (in the UK!).

Following repair, my car has been stunningly reliable, having only broken the clutch cable (quick and easy repair), and had a flat battery. Other than that, it has only required regular servicing to keep it running perfectly!

Following restoration, the body has started to rust again at the base of the doors and front valence.

General Comments:

I have driven this car extensively, and use it daily, covering country, motorway and inner-city driving.

Although not the quickest, it certainly is fast enough to keep up with all traffic without any stress, though I would not try to race a modern car!

The handling has always been excellent, though I suspect if you push it a bit far, you may slide off backwards like an Porsche 911 from the 80's or earlier; I've always found it controllable and usually encouraging of a more sporting approach. Worst habit is in high winds when the front can be blown about.

The interior is basic, but functional. My biggest gripe being the lack of cigarette lighter, making usual satellite navigators difficult to use. Although I've found it comfortable, there is no adjustment for the steering wheel, which may be an issue for some.

Skoda dealers have been useless. When I've approached them, not only can they not source ANY parts for the car, they have frequently been unaware that it even IS a Skoda. With Skoda's image now so strong, it is frustrating that they should continue to ignore their heritage!

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Review Date: 5th May, 2012

1989 Skoda Rapid 2.8L V8 4 speed from Czech Republic




Original Skoda 1,3L engine was removed and a rebuilt Tatra 2.8L V8 Air cooled engined installed. New old stock Skoda transmission installed. Minor work on rear body (larger air holes).

New brakes. Bigger tyres and better suspension.

General Comments:

Great musclecar, almost all parts are of cold war era origin. Tatra V8 engine has 180Hp and great torque and GREAT sound. Very fast and amazing. Head turner.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2010