2014 Skoda Superb TSi S 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Good looking and very comfortable


Servicing and brakes needed attention at my last MOT.

Slight rattle coming from up front, probably suspension, will have it checked.

A/C weak.

For clarity and to be fair - I have not had the car long and only put about 6000 miles or so on it. But no major problems so far and I hope it stays that way, generally these are reliable cars.

General Comments:

An excellent used purchase, the big Superb offers a lot of car for the money. With that said, this type of car is still a little over priced on the used market, but what car isn't overpriced these days?

Really good looking in dark blue with standard Skoda alloy wheels. Very smart car, never looks out of place in the executive car park next to Audi, BMW or Mercedes. Forget what the badge snobs think - this is a very capable car.

Inside is also nice and stylish, and where this car shines. Lots and lots of space, electric everything even on this basic "S" model. Seats are comfortable. Controls are laid out well.

It's not bad to drive, but nothing special. The 1.4 TSi petrol engine might seem a bit small for a car of this size, and it is not the fastest car in the world, but given the fact is does around 40 mpg from a petrol engine in a car this size, that is pretty impressive. The 1.4 is probably a better choice than the more common 1.8 petrol engine. You could also go for more common diesels if more power and economy is required. I bought petrol as I do not drive as much as I used to.

Overall it is a fine car to own and drive.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2023

10th Nov 2023, 13:02

They are good cars, and both the 1.4 and 1.8 petrol are worth considering over the diesels, but watch for common turbo failure on both models, expensive and annoying.