29th Nov 2005, 21:55

No, don`t change the badge- be PROUD of it! The Skoda has always been a great car. As far as the question of "stigma" is concerned- there really isn`t any. The few mis-fits out there, who make sarcastic jibes about the marque, are either ignorant, or are motivated by political prejudice- which in this day and age, should be completely irrelevant. If Skoda loses its identity, it will lose it`s tradition, and just become another boring German brand like B.M.W, Audi, V.W. etc. And what`s so exciting about that?

3rd Dec 2005, 15:09

I agree with the previous comment. Leave the badge as it is. Its nothing to worry about. Just enjoy the car.

4th Jan 2006, 06:28

I think the previous comment is a little strong. Skoda did have a huge stigma attached to the name; held by the majority of people, agreed they are much better cars now. As for skoda becoming another boring German manufacturer, like Audi, BMW, VW... Well they are already share the same chassis, and are owned by VW/Audi and will unlikely ever be a prestige marque like BMW - happy dreams maybe!

Superb is a great car - I have one.

8th Jan 2006, 08:06

I recently purchased a Skoda Superb, which was 4 months old at the time and had 8000 km approx. I have had it for 4 months and have only driven 4000 kms approx. The 'Engine Oil warning light' illuminated the other day and I had to take the car back to the dealer. The dealer has now told me that Skoda Engines burn a lot of oil (.5 litre /1000kms). Has this happened to any of you? I wasnt aware of this.

10th Jan 2006, 17:06

As far as I know, there are no Skoda engines, all are VW. Ask anybody about the VW TDI engines to know about extreme oil consumption. I doubt there is anything like this. Superb is a brilliant car although very "governmental" in the sense of being just nice, but not beautiful nor interesting (as a 607 may be).

I drove many Skoda cars and please, forget about anything before 1995 - that wasn't the brand you know today. There coudn't be anything good in the times of centrally planned ecnomomy. Only the always-proud Skoda professionals survived and VW gave them opportunity to show the history of Skoda is something to build on.

And Skoda cars now beat VWs and Audis in customer satisfaction researches. How come?

25th Jan 2006, 06:19

This is a response to the oil issue. This is not true. I never had any similar problem with my skoda. I think you will hear a different story If your car is not under warranty.

28th Jan 2006, 01:59

Regarding the oil light-I have a diesel VW Passat (same engine as the superb) and I have to say that I have to top the oil up quite regularly. That is hardly a big problem though is it? My car has done 48000 miles and I have had to put in about 6 litres over that time. Your dealer may therefore have a point.

7th Mar 2006, 02:05

Regarding Diesels using oil: I have found over a range of brands (Vauxhall, Mercedes, Skoda) that diesels do burn more oil compared to petrol, particularly when you do high speed miles (Motorway), or rev hard. Perhaps an obvious comment, but they also burn more oil as they get older. The Skoda seems to be on a par with the others I have had (I do 1,000 motorway miles a week).

16th Mar 2006, 06:59

My last car (Peugeot 406 HDi diesel) I owned from near new to over 100,000 miles and I never ever had to top up the oil (12,000 mile service interval) It would be at worst half way between min and max when a service was due.

I now have a Seat Tdi (same engine as VW/Skoda/Audi etc) and have not had to top that up at all either.

At the other end of the scale, we have several MK5 VW golfs at the office and they drink oil for fun. These do however have the PD diesel engines rather then the older TDi engine that my Seat has. So as I assume a newish Skoda will have a PD engine, yes I can see them drinking a lot of expensive longlife oil like all of our PD engines do. One of the golfs has now reached 60,000 miles and I can report on that one although it still needs topping up, the consumption has dropped.

17th May 2006, 11:25

I have an offer from the local dealer to consider a 2004 manufactured Superb that has been used as a "Test" drive car.

The price difference is about $1700 (after currency convertion) pound though. Other than this the warranty is still the same as a brand new. Oh, the mileage is about 450KM.

Do you think it is worth considering?

Any opinions?


3rd Jun 2006, 14:25

With regard to oil consumption, I think it will depend upon the engine you have. If it's the 2.8 V6 petrol engine then you can expect to have to top up the oil between service intervals.

I had the 30 valve engine in an Audi A4 and there was a note inserted into the user manual informing me that the engine was designed to consume oil, up to 1 litre per 1,000km! The note looked very much like a late afterthought. My A4 never drank that much, but it still probably used two or three litres of oil per 10,000 miles (16,000km), which meant I had to check the oil level after every few tanks of fuel.

8th Jun 2006, 07:54

I have an 03 Superb v6 2.5 Diesel and must be the 1 of 10 who would not recommend it. (See my review elsewhere on this site).

On the oil question I would advise reverting from variable to Fixed service intervals. I drove an Octavia for 50,000 miles and decided after 18,000 (the first time the car asked for a service) that extended intervals would only damage the engine. Moving back to 10k intervals meant I used no oil between services, whereas I had used nearly 2 litres during the 1st 18,000 miles mostly after 10k.

Also the higher the mileage, the more frequently you should change the oil - over 50k should be every 10k and over 80k should be every 6-7k miles. Do that and you engine will live forever (well, almost!).

I'm proud to drive a Skoda, its just snobbery to ignore a good product offering great value for money... I'd have another OCTAVIA like a shot.

29th Aug 2006, 18:26

Many companies have changed or altered their logos and symbols as they change and grow, i don't believe that is snobbery. Skoda has a right to be proud of what they have accomplished, but a bright future lies ahead for this company and perhaps it is time to change their symbol as their outlook and product line has changed. You can't tell me that this has not been discussed at lenght by Skoda Management, however I don't Think the VW people would be too pleased since that would most certainly boost skoda sales at the expense of VW's pathetic products.

6th Nov 2006, 07:15

Most people are these days aware that a Skoda is basically a car taken from the Audi/VW range, knock a few thousand off the list price and then slap in all the essential gadgets as standard that would cost you a few thousand more in an Audi. The superb is basically an A6, and I would be proud to drive one!

The oil consumption is very high on the PD disel engines because of the long life service intervals, you have to top up as much as 1litre per 1000miles, however I find it is usually around half that. The engines are designed to consume the oil, you keep topping it up and hence why when it can last 20,000 miles between oil changes as the oil is always kept fresh.

I must say however that I manage a fleet and YOU Cannot stop the oil consumption problem by setting the car up for 10,000 mile service intervals, you must still use the same VW 501 oil and it will still consume the same ammount every 1000 miles. If you put regular oil in which would slow down the consumption, then you have invalidated the warranty, and caused severe wear to the fuel pumps and cams. I would not like to buy a second hand car from you.

11th Jan 2007, 12:41

I've had my Superb Comfort 140 diesel just over 2 weeks. Lived up to it's name for 880 miles, then the glow-plug warning light illuminated, followed by the 'Engine - Emissions' light.

Dealer quickly diagnosed that a flap in the air intake system had broken, and replaced it. OK until 1000 miles, and the lights came on again. Going back to the dealer tomorrow...

Fuel consumption astonishing, nearly 52 mpg on a mix of ordinary roads and motorways at 80-85. Power is effortless, handling isn't as good as previous Mazda 6 (didn't expect it to be really), but it does hang on well. Very relaxing to drive, family love the space.