1999 smart fortwo - city coupe Passion 55hp from Sweden


Fun, comfortable, economic, summer car



General Comments:

Very nice little car. A car to be in love with.

Spacious cabin, good ergonomics, high tech.

Good comfort, I have never come across a more comfortable seat in a car. Can be a little bit wiggly on bumpy roads. Surprisingly good on highways, take overs at 90km/h are no problems.

The only bad things I have to say about this car is that it's a bit noisy. And of course, it's lethal behavior on winter roads.

I was driving happily along a winter road near Christmas 2001 when the car went sideways because some wheel tracks in the road surface. It was - 24 degrees Celsius, a bit icy and I was driving at 90km/h when I skidded of the road.

Not a nice experience, rolled over about three times before the car stood still. Every glass surface was demolished even the glass roof shattered. But I was OK, the cars safety design worked as it was supposed to do. I shut off the engine, opened my safety belt, opened the door and stepped out shaken, but not stirred. I had a minor cut on my ear, that was it.

I've learned a good lesson, not jolly, but good. You are never as good a driver as you think you are. When a car looses it's grip you are a passenger on a journey to disaster.

Have a nice day :)

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Review Date: 6th March, 2003

7th Mar 2003, 03:20

I certainly appreciated your review- particularly the last paragraph. We are never as skilled as we think we are.

However, loss of grip does not automatically mean disaster.

There can be some (small!) margin left and obviously it all comes down to your experience and your kind of car.

Speaking of the latter, in your particular case obviously there was not much you can do, not with such a tiny wheelbase, weight distribution and center of gravity position. Which is why MB gave Smart a thorough makeover integrating every electronic stability device available at the time.

16th Jan 2005, 06:17

Actually - that sounds like quite a good endorsement of the smart's safety features! I'm glad you're okay.