2004 smart fortwo - city coupe Pure 700cc turbo from UK and Ireland


A little ball of german fun (how rare is that)


Nothing so far. :)

General Comments:

Bought the little thing as my beetle drank fuel and was high on insurance.

The smart is fun to drive, economical and has plenty of people making parts to make it even better.

SmartRus have a massive selection of add-ons for my smart which I can't wait to get fitted.

Great purchase as long as you don't need more than 2 seats, but you won't be looking at this if you have that problem.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2006

2004 smart fortwo - city coupe Pulse Cabrio 0.7 turbo from UK and Ireland


Very safe nice little car


The button for operating the roof fell off.

If not shut exactly right the boot used to leak slightly.

General Comments:

The car was very nice to drive, and even though I was running it in I would say it was sprightly and even though it had a 700cc engine it was more than fast enough since it had 61bhp.

The operation of the roof was fast, and useful when it rained as it only slides along roof and then folds down it can be operated while driving.

Fit and finish of the car was very good, but then is to be expected on a £9k half a car for only 2 people..

And on to the last point I can personally vouch on the brilliant crash worthiness of the smart as mine was crashed into on the third day after I had just bought it brand new. so I can say that in a crash be in a smart and no other small car, because it's a seriously strong car.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2005

2004 smart fortwo - city coupe Passion 698 petrol from UK and Ireland


Fun car at a bargain price


Nothing - although I have only just had it.

General Comments:

I love this little car it is fun to drive, other Smart drivers wave at you and it sounds like a little Porsche and is really well built.

I have no need for back seats so this is not an issue for me, but I could see how it would annoy other people.

The only thing I do not like about this car is the morons on the road who pull out in front of it when I am driving along, tailgate me, burning me off at the lights whilst I am trying to run the engine in and just generally being unpleasant to me (off roaders especially guilty - they should be banned) does this happen to anyone else?

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Review Date: 11th July, 2004

17th Sep 2004, 15:03

I used to own a 2001 Passion back in the day! I used to get some jokers pulling out on me as if as though I was only doing 10mph, but usually doing the legal speed of 30mph or 40mph. The car that just pulled out getting a shock when I am either, licking their tailgate, or over taking them (and ready to drop a gear if they try to accelerate me out and try to embarrass the Smart!)

Also other cars did get a shock when I used to accelerate them out at the lights. My main point being, non-Smart owners think it is a toy and does not accelerate, brake etc like a real car. To non-Smart owners it is NOT a toy, it is a REAL car, it will hurt you if step in front off it just like a real car!

(And I know a Smart car has written off a Merc, and the Smart was fine apart for some cosmetic damage! So watch out and been warned. Enough said, Over and Out)