2005 smart fortwo - city coupe pulse 0.8 cdi from North America


Fun, cheap on fuel car but has some reliability issues


Turbo replaced under warranty at 14000km (apparently a common problem).

Headlamps burnt out at 15000km (also a common issue).

Radiator replaced after accidentally running over a hare at 70kph ($300CDN for parts, installed myself).

Rear licence plate light housing fell apart at 20000km (replaced under warranty).

Brake discs, rotors and shoes had to be replaced at 30000km (only 2000km after a service where Mercedes measured my brakes at 65%).

Interior stains badly even from drops of rain water with the steam green interior and is very difficult to keep clean.

"smart" badging on the rear was blown off by a touchless car wash.

General Comments:

The smart was my first car and was given to me as a gift before I had ever even driven a smart.

I was very impressed by how fun and easy the car is to drive and park.

The 0.8L diesel engine is very cheap on fuel, I averaged about 4L/100km (60mpg) under hard driving.

Servicing is through Mercedes-Benz dealers and is fairly expensive at $200-$500 each service (about once a year).

Some dealers seem to give worse service to smart customers compared to their Mercedes customers.

The cars are very roomy inside and are even comfortable for people above 6ft.

Doesn't have a lot of luggage capacity but the passenger seat folds to give more room even though it's not a very flat surface.

The car feels quick and agile in the city and can easily keep ahead of normal traffic. Maintains 130-140kph easily on the highway.

Still turns some heads but has become more mainstream, many other smart car drivers will wave at each other which gives feeling of community.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2008

2005 smart fortwo - city coupe Pulse 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland



General Comments:

I love this car, it is an absolutley fabulous little thing.

It's roomy, fun to drive, cheap to run, cheap to ensure, has FANTASTIC safety, and is totally reliable.

I'm in mine for at least 2 hours each day motorway driving, and I couldn't love it more.

It also has a brilliant sound system... what more could you want??

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2005