2009 smart fortwo - city coupe Brabus 1.0 gas from North America


Fun, Fun, Fun


Blew right rear tire at 1500 miles.

General Comments:

This is our youngest son's car, his first, and what he wanted to learn to drive.

This model is the Brabus edition. It is an upgraded Passion Coupe, with sport suspension, dashboard tach and clock, leather, paddle shifters, Brabus wheels, and tuned exhaust, along with Brabus markings.

The car comes in two colors, black with black Trident, silver with silver Trident. Interior is Black leather.

Let me state that I have owned several small engined cars, including a FIAT 850 Spider and a Datsun 710. One of the cars I learned to drive was a Renault Dauphine. I am well aware of the limitations of small engines.

For the size, the car is quite peppy. It takes about 1500 miles of driving to break in the engine and transmission. 0 to 60 times are not much different from a Volvo 240. Using the paddle shifters and shifting at 4000 rpm, along with the small size makes one think you are really going fast. Personally, I have had it up to 75 mph.

Interior space is adequate. As you cannot see the end of the hood, the car seems much larger than it is. Seats are firm but comfortable. While the car was meant to be a city vehicle, it is roomy and comfortable for day trips (after all, the dealer was 150 miles away). One accessory I wish it had was cruise control.

Mileage is good, but is hurt because of the hills here in NW Illinois and Dubuque, Iowa. There are about 6 smart fortwo's in the area. Everyone stares at the car either because they have never seen one, or because they are wondering what is doing so far from Chicago.

Now, the big question: Would I purchase one for myself. Probably not. Maybe a Mini or Fiat (if and when they actually become available). For now I will stick with my Chrysler 300C.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2010

16th Dec 2010, 12:07

I have had our Smart up to around 155KM per hour. It's a 2008, same motor, Passion trim though.

3rd May 2011, 13:50

Don't even try comparing a Smartfortwo with a Ford T-bird.

2009 smart fortwo - city coupe Passion gas from North America


I gets a lot of looks, and that is fun


No problems as of now.

General Comments:

I keep a record of the miles/gallon. It is truly between 33/41 MPG. The overall average is around 37 MPG.

The acceleration is slow until the engine RPM reaches 3000 RPM. Between 3000 to 5000 RPM, it gives you a kick. If one learns to manipulate the gas pedal, one can accelerate even in California freeway traffic safely.

One main reason for buying the "Fortwo", which most commentors over looked, is this car can be towed behind a motorhome, all four wheels on the ground, with the transmission running free, and you do not accumulate mileage on the odometer. It is a big plus for insurance purposes. Because of the size and weight of the smart, even a smaller RV can tow it without lower MPG penalty.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2010

2nd Feb 2011, 16:39

The smart also fits in the back of those "toy hauler" RV trailers. Pretty handy!