2010 smart fortwo - city coupe passion diesel from UK and Ireland


Rubbish and pointless


Central locking wouldn't let me out of the car.

Immediate loss of all power, lights, everything at 4am on an unlit road; I was narrowly missed by a lorry following at speed.

At 70 mph on the motorway, the turbo waste-gate failed and immediately dropped to 30mph. I was terrified.

General Comments:

Despite being told this Smart CDI would improve after 3000 miles, at 6000 miles it was consistently doing 55mpg, the same as the day we bought it, that's 30mpg or 221 miles per tankful short of Mercedes claim of 85mpg or 621 miles per tankful, as stated on their TV advert.

I didn't expect 85mpg, but I did expect around 75mpg, allowing for my very light driving style.

There are many 4 seat, bigger, cheaper cars available that do more MPG than the Smart, with a more comfortable ride, making it the most pointless car on the market.

I previously owned the Smart 42 petrol, and that was just as bad, and the customer after sales service is appalling.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2010

13th Nov 2010, 03:58

Personally, I'm still wondering how they ever allowed these Matchbox toys to become street legal.

13th Nov 2010, 21:53

Yeah I know, but they won't make ATVs street legal. I have a 4Wd (with diff lock) 2009 Kawasaki Brute Force 750. This monster would have no trouble handling the highways. It has a 749cc 4 valve per cylinder fuel injected v-twin. It has a digital speedometer and comes stock with a dot tail light. All it would need is turn signals. Go look one up and see what a beast this thing is! It's like an offroad Escalade. Now the Brute Force should be street legal, especially if motorcycles are!