12th Oct 2009, 18:33

Being a rear-wheel drive car, how did you manage to get the front wheels to spin on your smart? I have a feeling that YOU also need to sit down and read your drivers manual.

10th Mar 2010, 17:05

I meant spinning the wheels on the 92 Corsica, which has no traction control. Of course the smart is RWD.

2nd Jul 2010, 13:16

I have had a smart for 2 years now, and it's cost me a fortune. Recently had all new valves fitted as well as a turbo, cost me £1600 sterling.

When the turbo was fitted, the technician reflashed the ECU unit, which took away my remap (£350.00).

All of a sudden I had a car that got overtaken by bird life, and broke down time after time, which was due to a problem that let's say was not caused by me.

Just to forewarn smart owners, IF your car requires a turbo and you have had a remap on your car to give it the smile factor, taking it to a dealer within the "official network" will result in your car not having the remap when you get it back, be warned.

Interesting you say you had gearbox issues; it's the only bulletproof part of the car.

23rd Aug 2010, 17:10

We have had a Smart Fourtwo Passion Cabriolet for 7 1/2 years since new.

It's been an extremely reliable little car and its only shortcoming was an ECU problem in the first year of ownership. The ECU reverted to limp-home mode and was replaced immediately under warranty. Our dealer is excellent, being efficient, honest, polite and attentive.

The car has an electric roof, leather upholstery, heated seats, upgraded Grundig CD/Radio with extra amps/speakers, iPod connectivity, aircon, 6 speed auto/manual, turbocharged engine and plenty of performance for city driving, so it's a nice place to be.

It's comfortable, roomy, nippy, incredibly economical, cheap to insure, cheap to tax and still looks new now. It has real character and has been the most brilliant second car.

It's safe, too, as its very strong and has plenty of passive safety aids. We have had no engine, turbocharger, suspension or tyre issues, just the one ECU problem that was quickly dealt with.

We love it!

20th Feb 2011, 22:57

I have a 2006 Smart Pure with the 0.8L diesel engine.

It is so dependable and fun to drive. I have never had a problem with it. Perhaps the 2006 diesel Smart is the best one to have.

Any brand of car can be damaged by misuse, including a Ferrari. I drive this Smart car gently and keep it meticulously maintained. Since it has a diesel, it might last for a very long time, like a farm tractor! Speaking of farms, my Smart car is cream with black trim; I call it the "Holstein Cow Designer Edition".