18th Feb 2005, 21:21

Hello, I'm 15 years old... I'll be 16 in 4 months, and I'm looking to buy a smart car for my first car. but a lot of people are saying it's a bad car. I can't trust these people because half of them haven't even touched a smart car. I really want a smart. it's not just a girls play thing. to the person above. it's much more. I think it's the best looking car I have ever seen.

12th Apr 2005, 08:55

Hello, I've recently purchased a 2005 Smart "ForTwo". I enjoy reading all of the comments posted (good and bad). So far I love my little car. I am a 6'2" male near 200 LBS, and have no trouble getting in and out of my car. I find once I get in the car it's like any mid sized car. I am curious about this winter, how the car will handle as I live in Northern Ontario Canada. The claims to mileage will have to be verified, as I do not push the car too hard, and I'm still under 10,000KM.


5th Apr 2006, 18:58

Hi folks, Smarts are not really my thing, but have you seen the kit-car you can make from a damaged or m.o.t.failed smart?

Now i`m not sure if it`s actually available just yet or if its still in development, but I can tell you now I do fancy one.

Try a search for smart car kit-cars and good luck.

3rd Jul 2006, 14:03

I've had my smartie for 2 weeks now, and throughly enjoyed driving every mile, however there are some damn right idiots on the road.

One example - a people carrier overtook me and cut straight back in within an inch of my car. This made me take drastic action to avoid a smash, I had to swerve towards the kerb and this creep was oblivious to what he had done... My only thinking for this idiot was the fact he thought he had plenty of room and he thought he had got sufficiently in front... I have had 3 near misses in my smartie (I'm pleased to say not my fault).

I think the smartie is too small and drivers don't always notice it, has anyone else experienced any driving problems?

25th Nov 2006, 17:30

Smart cars are iconic and are 'of our time'. I own a 2004 ForTwo Cabriolet Passion. All the comments made so far are correct. However and sadly what lets this brilliant, intelligent, highly innovative vehicle down is the poor follow through within the UK DaimlerChrysler service facilities.

When things go wrong, the thrill and emotion of owning, and experiencing, the unique characteristics of a Smart wear very thin.

Service times are too long, usually 5 days to repair basic items. The hand book quotes 'quick fast modular', meaning the Smart is a fast car to service and repair. This is not usually the case. My own Cabriolet has covered 7200 miles in 23 months, been off the road for 3 months down time, and has to date recorded 26 faults. Half of these have been evident since handover, and repeated attempts to resolve them, undertaken without success. As time has grown other minor faults have evolved. The faults include 3 complete replacement sun roofs, each taking over 10 days to supply and fit.

The poor follow through is down to the service departments. They are not tenacious enough in making sure faults are rectified first time, in my case at least. This is a shame because the Smart is genuinely a highly engineered car of quality. It is a superb fun vehicle. And, despite all the annoying niggles, I will be purchasing the new generation Smart For Two!

20th Jan 2007, 11:12

JAN 2006

Hi I have just bought a smart for2 pulse convertible and I love it, I have 2 kids so people say it's not the best car to have, but I have a family car so this one is for me.

It is like being 10 all over again, it is like my new little toy. Happy driving days ahead I hope.

20th Mar 2007, 14:18

I have a smart fortwo which has a problem with the head gasket and inlet valve, I can't afford to repair it with mercedes and my grease monkey can't do it without a work shop repair manual: (any suggestions where I can find one?

13th Jul 2007, 03:24

I bought a smart car from brand new in 2002.

Recently it was over heating and started to smell of burning. I took it to the smart car garage, they have told me that there is a fault with the piston rings, and that I would need a new engine... £3000. This price has taken in consideration a good will gesture from Mercedes (£800). They have said that there is nothing else they can do for me.

I am absolutely disgusted that the car has only lasted 5years with 40,000 miles on the clock. It has been serviced regularly. The garage has had my car for 6 weeks, and this is what they have come back to me with.

Anyway, I was just wondering... is this a problem that has occurred with any other smart car users??

29th Jul 2007, 03:13

My smart engine lasted 80000km; not good. Went in for an oil change and they told me the engine was shot. Got new one and put 1000km on it, and looks like it has a piston problem. Cool car, but the engine is big disappointment. The engine is the only defect on the car. I am waiting for the electric motor so I can throw away the stupid petrol engine.

14th Feb 2008, 11:09

HELP I am having a problem with the central locking. To cut a long story short, it had a small bump to the back of the car and when it came back from the garage the central locking wouldn't work, the CD player won't load, the hazard lights wouldn't turn off and the internal lights on all buttons didn't work. It was sent to the Mercedes garage. The bump was fixed by the insurance company, but the Mercedes garage says that the control unit N10 needs replacing and it will cost me 700 pounds. İ got everything fixed except the central locking by replacing a simple fuse for 10 pounds. I do not trust Mercedes repair people and have lost my love of the car. Has anyone had a problem with the central locking or something like this? any advice? I need to know how this happened and by whom, or is it a Smart car problem?

19th Jul 2010, 17:27

I'm thinking of buying a Smart car. It seems about 60 good to 40 bad reviews. If you buy a second hand one, you don't know how it's been looked after, and it's only got a small engine, so I think it's best to avoid high mileage ones.

The thing is, most people who want one are looking for a cheap little car, and don't want to spend thousands of pounds buying one, and it sounds like when they have a problem, you've got to change the engine.

It's all luck of the draw; looking at it, leasing could be a good option with the warranty to fall back on at £129 a month.

3 years later, hand it back and do it all again, no worries. Anybody agree?