2005 smart roadster 0.7 from UK and Ireland


Will buy another. Shame they stopped making them


This is one great car, it is like a cross between a mark 1 MR2 and the golden age of British sports cars, like MGs and Triumphs.

Great as you have Mercedes build quality and reliability.

You have a hard targa top that is totally secure, 55 plus mpg and £90 a year tax.

The handling is great, and there is that great whine to the engine. It also has ABS and ESP.

You can fit stuff in the front and not much in the rear, go shopping on your own, and put things where the passenger sits.

General Comments:

This car handles great.



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Review Date: 30th December, 2010

31st Dec 2010, 05:38

Update: the only reason it's not 10 for running costs, was I thought it best to take to an independent Mercedes dealer for the service.

2005 smart roadster coupé 0.7 turbo petrol from Belgium


Great to drive - nightmare to own


I'll just list the main motor troubles...

Turbo broke down at 40k km.

Lambda sniders replaced a bit later.

At 50k km the car was drinking oil (approx. 2,5l/1000km)

Valves burnt at 55k km.

Valves burnt at 60k km.

Engine rebuilt (pistons) at 60k km.

Still drinking a lot of oil...

So more troubles to come.

General Comments:

It's great fun to drive; really!

If it wasn't this poor quality I'd buy another one..

(or I would still be driving the first one)

Smart dealers are rubbish: very expensive and not willing to help in unusual situations like this one.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2008

2005 smart roadster 698cc turbo from UK and Ireland


Brilliant handling, gorgeous looking sieve!


Car suddenly jumped out of gear repeatedly, engine would not rev and you would have to come to a complete stop, switch off engine and take key out and then start over again! Very unfortunate when it happened to me in the middle of the M4!

The roof leaks sporadically, seat-belts are very wet most of the time!

General Comments:

Fabulous handling and fun car, only gripe is that it would be more than perfect with a standard gearbox and not the semi-automatic rubbish that smart insist on!

I have never had so many stares when driving this car! it really stands out in shine yellow!

It's so low than many people have difficulty getting in and out of it!

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Review Date: 11th November, 2005

1st Dec 2005, 14:42

UPDATE! 29.11.2005 - After 7 months and 6500 Miles the car has started misfiring and only running on 2 of its 3 Cylinders! Booked into local Smart dealer for repairs and service tomorrow.

8th Mar 2006, 17:01

UPDATE : Engine no longer misfiring, but went in to have all seals replaced early january, the car has started leaking again (08.03.06). Other than that everything is OK so far.