1995 SsangYong Musso GSE 2.9 diesel (Non turbo) from UK and Ireland


Absolutely Outstanding Value for money!!


There are no major problems with the car, The outer door trims were loose when I bought the car, I took them off and re-attached them with new adhesive.

General Comments:

You get a lot of car for little cash!!

This car is as good as a Range Rover for Less that half the price.

There is Loads for room inside for passengers, A huge boot and the car looks great from the outside.

I had the (non Turbo) 2.9 Diesel which is slightly under powered, but you not supposed to race Cosworth's in it!

When I sold my Musso I really Regretted it. I will get another one soon.

The Musso handles like a Car rather than a 4X4,it was a pleasure to drive,

It was excelent off road too but you do have to be careful because for a 4X4 the Musso does have a low ground clearance.

To sum it up it is the best car that I have ever owned and I was really sorry when I sold it, As I have already said I am going to buy another one!!

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Review Date: 27th November, 2002

30th Dec 2003, 04:25

It seems that the Musso is relatively a good vehicle to own. I am thinking of owning one myself, but can someone please! inform the spares suppliers (manufacturers) to ensure availability of spare parts when needed!!

5th Jan 2004, 14:28

I have owned a 2002 Musso turbo diesel (auto) for the last month. The car is 12 months old and covered 20,000 miles now. All the comments regarding comfort, toys & gadgets in the reviews are correct. I am averaging 28mpg around town.

Looking forward to fitting a towbar and taking our touring caravan out in the early spring!

I have some peice of mind due to 2 years transferred warranty left to go!!

1995 SsangYong Musso GL 2.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


Slow but reliable


Paint stripping on the bumpers - replaced by main dealer.

Seat belt fails.

ABS failed.

General Comments:

A large 4WD with depreciation to match!

Slow off the blocks and unhappy at motorway speeds, handles like a elephant, limited off road ability, however - this is a very reliable car - thanks to the Merc engine and running gear. If you accept its limitations, you will find it more than satisfactory.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2001

8th Jun 2005, 07:58

First 4x4 these trucks may be slow, but are reliable robust and will run 4 ever.

1995 SsangYong Musso SE 2.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


A big 4x4 at a bargain price


Nothing whilst I have owned it, but I have had to have the brakes and discs renewed at the cheapest price I could I find £699.60.

General Comments:

Big, comfortable, quite economical - 32mpg.

Used as a tow car for my 20ft caravan. No problems.

Gobbles up everything we throw in it. A friend had a ride in mine and went and bought a new one.

Now made by Daewoo.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2000