1996 SsangYong Musso SE 2.9 from UK and Ireland


A good value 4x4


Vacuum idle system not compensating for load.

Leaking Rocker Cover Gasket.

General Comments:

My Musso has had a retro fit Turbo and Intercooler, the first mod any owner of a 2.9 Musso should make. It makes the car pull better than my old 1.8TD Mondeo. I still return about 25mpg around town and 34ish on runs.

The interior is bland, but functional, however, there are gadgets like speed sensitive intermittent wipe and air con.

Looks are odd, but for the price you can't grumble, for £5000 I have got a 4x4 that can tow two horses in a trailer no problem, for less than half the price of a Trooper.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2003

10th Jun 2003, 08:52

My husband has a Ssangyong Musso and we are having great difficulty in finding a dealership to supply a new selector arm for the transfer box, any ideas anyone?

9th Oct 2005, 06:56

Your suggestion of a retro fit turbo sounds ideal! Any hints and tips, or suggestions as to where I can source the parts to do it?

4th Aug 2006, 23:57

I just bought a 1996 musso. I'm just wondering if anybody knows were the idling is as it is idling very badly.

10th Sep 2006, 09:42

For help on any modifications or parts, have a look at www.ssangyongclub.co.uk. Free membership for all drivers of any model Musso or Ssangyong car.

18th Oct 2006, 16:33

I have a problem with my Mussow 2.9 D.

It went out of gear, while I was driving.

And now it is stuck in 4x4 low ratio.

Anybody has any experience with this problem.

I guessed it might be a problem with the transfer box?

Can it be fixed, or do I have to replace the entire box.

If so, where could I find a second hand one? And for roughly how much?

Thank you very much


10th Feb 2007, 19:23

Hi have bought a 96 musso 2nd hand have discovered the 4wd don't go and weird switches hidden under seat any adviceor suggestions? ITS an auto and is it true you have to go backwards to engage 4wd or do you drive forward and flick switch? the dealer never gave us a manual so in the dark.

1996 SsangYong Musso SE 2.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


A highly underestimated car, buy used when in good condition


Nothing serious.

Alloy wheels replaced under warranty.

Back shock absorber replaced under warranty.

One part of the exhaust system replaced at 50000 miles.

General Comments:

The Mercedes diesel engine is a bit slow and rough, but reliable.

Easy to drive in the city.

Big fun to drive in snow and rough.

Good all rounder, especially when you need luggage space.

Inside and outside are still in very good condition.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2001

1996 SsangYong Musso 3.2 petrol from Oman


Fast, cheap and big


Front shocks changed at the 2nd service, were faulty from new.

Silencer rusted after 20,000.

Switches for the electric windows changed.

Roof resprayed due to pealing.

Oil leak from the crank rear seal.

General Comments:

The car was very cheap as a 2 year old new car from the dealer. Second hand residuals are terrifying, but the three year warranty made it worthwhile.

Not so hot in soft sand, too much wheel spin through the diffs, could do with a better L/S diff front and rear or lockers.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2000

1996 SsangYong Musso GX220 3.2 from UK and Ireland


The most fun you can have with your clothes on


Intermittent engine misfire when 6 months old: repaired under warranty by replacing the engine management unit, but it took a long time for the dealer to believe that there was a misfire. Only when it happened as I was picking it up after the 6 months service did they take it seriously.

Intermittent failure to start when 2 years old: engine turns over but does not start. Wait a couple of minutes, engine starts. Dealer cannot detect anything wrong. Weather does not make a difference.

Windscreen scratches very easily: After the first frost we had in Scotland, I used an ice scraper only to find my windscreen is scratched all over. This is the same scraper I have used for over 5 years on several cars without any problem. Dealer says no-one else has had this problem!!!!! Is it just me?

General Comments:

Great car. Having a lot of fun with it. But the few niggling faults dampen down the excitement.

Despite this, I would still recommend it as being better value for money than most of the competition.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2000

1996 SsangYong Musso 3200 3.2 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Within an inch of being a super 4WD, if only .....


Rectifier died the day after we bought it. Replaced under warranty by Daewoo.

General Comments:

A love/hate car. Big, comfortable, iffy handling and suspension, brilliant engine, OK gearbox. It's a 96 build, but got its compliance plates in 98; so legally it's a 98 model here in Oz.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2000