1991 Sterling 827 2.7L Honda from North America


Excellent runner, very poor everything else!


Exhaust rusted out.

Remote died.

Rotors/pads front.

Window arms broken/bent; they still go up/down, just need some guidance.

Lots of minor electrical gremlins.

General Comments:

What a motor!!! Honda's little 2.7L is great! Uses NO oil, although leaks a little, no drips just some seepage. Runs great! Lots of power and with the transmission in "sport" mode, wow...

Only downside is the Rover's build quality. I've had problems with the remote (still don't work), horn, rear taillights and of course, the dash coming apart. If you don't care about the little things and only need/want an auto that will get you from point A to point B all the time every time, (with a smile!), look for the 827 with Honda's 2.7L motor and transmission!

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Review Date: 6th September, 2007

1989 Sterling 827 SLi 2.7 Acura V6 from North America


A Better British Car


The dash lights started flickering after a few months and stopped working at one point. We had to dig into the dash to fix this, which was an arduous task.

The car had a lot of loose connections for the interior electrics. The power seat functions sometimes were intermittent and the seatbelt light came on one day when I hit a bump. Also, the passenger window switch was trying to die. The front passenger window was also in need of repair, because it was loose on its tracks and the motor gears were stripped.

The TIMING BELT! It never broke, but replacing it was an ordeal. Replacement was necessary because the Acura V6 is an interference design in which the valves will be damaged when the belt snaps.

Some of the gauges did not read entirely accurately.

The factory remote entry was completely dead. I think the infrared receiver in the roof of the car was the culprit.

General Comments:

This was a very neat car. The four-door fastback body style is very unique, useful, and sporty. As my cousin said: "it looks like a big Saab." She was right. It acted like one too.

The car handled very well and the engine was smooth and fast. It always started right up too.

Most everything still worked on the car such as the A/C, cruise control, and power moon roof. I think the front passenger window and after-market CD changer were the only non-working items.

It would be neat to have another Sterling one day. I will look for a much lower-mileage example. The car was a good idea spoiled by inept first owners, who thought they were buying a re-badged Acura, only to find out the car required even more knowledge and care. The 827 is the one to own. I think that the 825 was a good car, but not as good as the later 827.

I would own another one, especially if I had a tight budget, since they are cheap to buy now. Ours was $30,000 when new, and we bought it for less than $2,000. The only reason we sold it was because we found a late model Jaguar that stole our hearts.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2005

20th Aug 2006, 11:08

I had a 1991 827 hatchback for little over 2 months. I thought it was a great car, but it had all kinds of problems. I thought I would be getting a car as reliable as the Acura Legend on which it was based. Boy was I wrong. My import car mechanic even told me "I don't know how they took something as good as a Legend and turn it into the piece of junk." I figure I should buy a Sterling and a Legend donor car and swap the parts with the two. The only plus side to these is that (since Sterling dealers are not to be found) they can be serviced at any Acura Dealer.