1986 Subaru Brumby 4 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand




Blew head gasket when radiator pipe blew.

Gone though 6 CV joints due to bent struts and worn gearbox.

Changed the original fuel pump at 575,000kms.

Replaced seals, gaskets, machined heads, blocks, ground valves at 580,000kms.

Seats badly worn due to previous owner who used it as a farm ute.

General Comments:

Great handling. I have thrashed it yet can't seem to be able to kill it. Will be planning to keep my little car for a few years to come, if it dies I will buy another Brumby.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2006

1986 Subaru Brumby 4 cylinder petrol from Australia and New Zealand


This car is a reliable pocket rocket


The only problem with my car so far is the automatic choke needs replacing, so it is running a bit rich. Other than that my car is a dream for someone like me.

General Comments:

I love my Brumby.

It suits me fine because it is good in the city and I can put it into F.W.D when I go camping down at the river.

There aren't too many of them in Melbourne so I enjoy the looks that I get.

I can afford a lot better car, but drive my Brumby by choice.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2002

28th May 2009, 20:33

Yep I have a little 1983 model Brumby that I picked up for $500, it is the best little car. There is a very big hill at our house and new expensive 4WDs cannot get up it but my little baby can. I think it is because of the minimal weight.

The first problem I have with it is that the gear box is very sloppy and loose, and does not like going into reverse when it is warm.

And the second problem I have with it is, it has bad rust in the A pillar.

But other than that, it is really good.

1986 Subaru Brumby GL 1.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A car ahead of it's time in 1986


Water pump died and cooked the engine on the beach.

Brakes failed (were original).

Warped head from the beach incident.

Radiator died.

General Comments:

Excellent first car. Four wheel drive makes for unbeatable rally fun (especially for its age and price). Does 160k/hr if you push it.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2000

4th Sep 2001, 03:14


I think I might buy one for a bit of rally action, thanks.

15th Jul 2006, 00:09

Same model 1986; Blown gaskets, warped heads, worn out fuel pump, 590,00kms, original gearbox, and it was Still going.

I have gotten it up to 150kms with ease.

I blew a CV joint going at 130km/h while overtaking and was still able to keep stearing it. I pulled off the road to avoid an accident, then limped it home which was an hour away.

I Have thrashed it round and I learnt manual gear changes in it whilst crunching the gears.

As someone else said, "Indestructible."

3rd Oct 2006, 09:22

The best Ute to have have fun in the sand and on top of sand dunes (Lancelin anyone).The power to weight, plus 4*4 = FUN go the bumby!!!

14th Nov 2006, 00:09

BRUMBYS ARE AWESOME!!! The best looking little beasts around and get you any where!

26th Sep 2007, 17:22

Reading these comments has convinced me. I am about to get my first brumby. Will write how it goes...