24th Feb 2003, 19:39

My First vehicle is a brat. great little car.

3rd Oct 2003, 04:42

1.2 million miles - that's 1 920 000 kilometers - over 16 years. 120 000 a year, 2 307 per week and 329 a day. Every day for 16 years.

Over the 3 years you have had it, you have driven 216 387.2 kilometers. A comparatively small 72 130 a year, 1 387 per week and just 198kms per day (every day for 3 years).

That's a lot of driving and while possible (I suppose) it seems a bit far fetched...

Sorry for the decimals by the way, but I cant think in miles - being an aussie and all :)

29th Apr 2006, 03:56

I think the reviewer should contact the Guinness Book of Records because that mileage is probably a world record. I think the current record is a 1960's Mercedes which covered 1.1 million miles.

(Assuming the reviewer can prove the mileage, of course)

20th Feb 2007, 11:37

Quote: "Maybe Subaru will re-release something closely related to the Brumby.

Wouldn't that be great..."

Subaru already has...it's called a Baja... been around for a few years now...

21st Feb 2007, 23:00

Yeah...I checked out the Baja and really can find little in common with the Brumby. Apart from the fact that it is a Subaru & it has a small ute tray the rest is quite a different story. The Baja being a (4) door (4) passenger compact pickup with a weight of 3480lbs doesn't come close to Brumby, s 2410lb.The Baja having a 21mpg city 25 highway cycle is a far cry from my 28+ city. (and my motor has done 240,000)

Argumentative reply? No... but I do think that the Brumby has not been reborn in the Baja. Its definately a much larger vehicle with four passengers in mind. I think Ill still keep the Brumby.

7th Jul 2007, 16:10

My brumby has been a fantastic car. Can't believe the reliability at 400000 km the engine runs like new. Only thing on the way out is the front CV joint. Have no doubts I will get at least another 3 - 400000 km before anything goes wrong. Totally reliable. Bulletproof.