1989 Subaru DL 1.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


The best car ever made


I have just got this car (it is my 4th). I consider it to be a great find. 179 000 kms and in excellent condition for its age.

I have changed the rear wheel bearings.

The front right CV joint has been changed.

General Comments:

I consider this to be the best car on the road. It is simple, reliable and capable both on and off the road.

The rattles and classic Subaru engine noise is something that you grow to love - especially since you know it will always start when you put the key in.

There are not too many passenger cars that have plastic on the floors and can take a beating.

I use it for a 60km commute daily and then can take it camping on the weekends.

As for style, brown throughout with classic subaru 1980's beige - can't be beaten.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2008

2001 Subaru DL Legacy from North America


Subaru gave me 6 years on a $20,000 car; not a good deal


At 36,000 miles, this 2001 Legacy started experiencing severe hesitation that occasionally caused the car to stall during acceleration. Subaru's mechanics cannot recreate this problem and their diagnostic tools reveal nothing.

At 74,000 miles, a head gasket blew. The car was taken to the dealership on a flatbed wrecker. I'm awaiting the repair bill.

General Comments:

This car is a danger to drive, not only because of the hesitation problem, but because of the extremely poor visibility.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2007

1983 Subaru DL 4 cylinder from North America


Why wouldn't this car die?


Replaced fuel pump at 170000 miles.

Replaced fuel lines at 180000 miles.

Rebuilt carburetor at 185000 miles.

Rebuilt transmission at 190000 miles.

Replaced muffler and exhaust lines at 230000 miles.

Had a little trouble on cold mornings. I had to prime the engine with gas through the air filter :).

Rust started to eat the car alive, and if it hadn't, I would still drive it to this day.

General Comments:

I could not find a way to make this little car die!

After that many miles, I wouldn't have expected it to even try to start, but it gave a good effort.

This car went through a lot and it could still get right up to speed even with almost 300000 miles on it!

This little car was unbelievably tough.

The operating costs were really low, excluding the transmission rebuild ($1000).

I loved this car to death and the 4-wheel drive worked until the very end.

This is an awesome run-around car, even off-road. I had some big off road tires on it and it could take anything you threw at it.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2005

12th Feb 2009, 00:54

I am looking for a photo of a 1982 Subaru hatchback (I think it was a DL). Like the previous reader, I had one of these and it was amazing how it just kept going. It had a manual transmission, and no 4WD. I sold it to my niece at 90,000 miles and she drove it to 300,000 miles until the body practically fell off the frame. What a great little car! I am having trouble finding any photos on-line.

1988 Subaru DL 4WD Wagon 1.8L from North America


I love, and will miss this car.


Lost the timing belts at 240,000 miles. Since I bought the car with high mileage, I suspect that this wasn't the first time they were changed.

All oil seals around that cam and crank shafts leaked from time of purchase until they were repaired at 240,000 miles.

Four wheel drive no longer engages.

The body is rusting in several locations.

The front-end wheel bearings seem to last only 30,000 miles before they need to be replaced.

The vehicles computer failed at 210,000 miles.

The boots on the Constant Velocity (CV) joints are torn.

The main pulley off the crank-shaft that powers the alternator, power steering, etc. fell off at 283,800 miles.

Can't get the smell of dog out of it.

General Comments:

This vehicle refuses to die.

The Boxer style engine is indistructable and extremely easy to work on. The opposable cylinders maintain compression even after a couple of hundred thousand miles.

Removing the engine to replace the leaking oil seals was simple.

Most problems associated with this specific vehicle were due to its age, high mileage, and lack of maintenance.

Very good snow car with or without the 4 wheel drive option.

This car took unimaginable punishment and continues run.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2004

31st Dec 2004, 14:24

My sentiments (for my '88 DL, 220,000 miles) exactly. I bought an '05 Forester for the convenience and safety of some newer features, with a baby on the way and all. But somehow I haven't managed to get rid of the old workhorse just yet. After driving it for 12 years (I bought it in '92), you'd think I'd at least be tired of it by now.