1st Jan 2009, 11:58

Two things:<br><Br>

When you buy a new car - take it to one garage. Even better, meet your mechanic and choose him/her to always work on your car. For example, my dad has been working on Subaru cars since 1983 and he has had dozens of the same customers choose him for over two decades! He always tells me about customers who choose to take their cars to multiple garages and get different opinions and spend too much on misdiagnosed repairs. Granted you will always pay more to take your car to a dealership - but the technicians at the dealer are educated and know what they are doing with your car and although if you feel you paid too much - you were not ripped off, you had a trained technician go over your car. A good mechanic will take care of you. A good dealer will work with you. Unfortunately, mechanics are human and mistakes can be made. You should have taken the car back to the same dealer to have the problem resolved. <Br><br>

2: GM and Subaru -- The only times GM and Subaru were connected was a few years ago, before Saab became a (n unfortunate) division of GM, Saab had slapped some of its badges on the 9-2X (Subaru Impreza) and sold them on Saab lots. When GM bought Saab, the 9-2X was discontinued breaking any ties with Subaru. The same with Isuzu (now controlled by GM). The last ditch pure Isuzu creation - The Axiom which was an Isuzu (GM) and Subaru venture. How many do you see today? Right - Gone! GM managed to kill Isuzu in this country and will close any remaining dealerships at the end of Jan. 2009. Subaru is a part of Fuji Heavy Industries Japan. Subaru has done an excellent job of keeping itself fairly independent from other manufactures. When you drive a Subaru - you drive a Subaru, not a re badge.

2nd Jan 2009, 22:44

Yes, Subaru is a very independent car maker, and I also like it that way. Unfortunately the new Subaru Justy is a rebadged Daihatsu Sirion. I wish it was the other way around.