24th Aug 2003, 04:59

Very good write-up. Thoroughly useful insight. I have the '97 JDM Forester. Been thinking of upgrading to the newer model. Your comments further bolster my decision.

Thank You.

9th Dec 2003, 12:41

I have had a Subaru Forester AWP since new (approx. 2500 miles ago). I would agree with all previous comments except that:

1. on its initial run of 460 miles (mainly on motorways at 70 mph and using cruise control, but still,--- with a brand new engine!) I managed 38.6 mpg (imperial) and

2. over the next 854 miles of mixed driving in Derbyshire and then back home to Scotland the car did 33.7 mpg.

3. I have continued to monitor the fuel consumption on my general use (many journeys of less than 10 miles) and, so far, have averaged 28 mpg.

All of these tests were done from "brim of tank" to "brim of tank".

13th Jan 2004, 09:36


Our Forester is now one year old. It has only done 7900 miles, but nothing went wrong during the year. The climate control worked well during a hot summer. The radio is still as awkward to use as ever.

The car got its annual service today, plus the year 1 anti corrosion re-treatment. Only routine service parts were needed and the total cost, including tax, was £233. The 12 month service interval is certainly a saving compared to our previous Forester, which had 6 month service intervals.

17th Feb 2007, 01:43


I have a 2003 X AWP, I use it for everything, touring, tip and shooting, great car if a trifle expensive to run, cruises at high speed, comfortable on long journeys, astonishingly capable off road if usual precautions taken wrt approach angles etc (avoid deep mud), nothing has gone wrong in 50k miles All 4 WD vehicles are a compromise between on road and off road and I feel this is about the best.

22nd Sep 2007, 04:36


Car is now getting on for 5 years old and we are trading in for a new car.

Mileage 35,000. During the last 5 years nothing has gone wrong with the car, and it has only needed routine servicing and replacement of consumables such as tyres, wiper blades, light bulbs, etc.

One complaint - a few weeks ago, we had to replace the front sidelight bulb (first time ever had to do this). Price of bulb 50p. Price to fit it from our local small garage £35. - to replace a sidelight bulb on a Forester you have to remove the front grill, remove the headlight cluster, replace the bulb, refit the headlight cluster, check the headlight focus, and refit the grille - a crazy and unnecessary design fault.

Anyway, the new car is going to be another Subaru Forester - our third in a row. Will write a review in a few months time. We spent some time over the choice of replacement, and it came down to a Honda CR-V (last of the old shape) a Honda CR-V (the new shape) or another Forester. The new CR-V was ruled out quickly after a test drive, but it was a close decision between the other two. The old shape CR-V is bigger, feels more luxurious; the Forester has better all round vision and the better 4 WD system.